19 Best Cold Calling Scripts (Free Templates) for Sales Teams (2023)

Not all cold calling is created equal, hence the needCaltakquise-Scriptethat will help you close more deals. For example, how many of these cold calls have you received lately?

Hello, this is frhshm from mnexmfhrsh. We offer highly effective snmedrm for businesses like yours and today we are running a special offer and would like to offer you our trial program for just $2,500 per month which is half the regular price of $5,000 Our goal is to start all the way of the week. I can call you?

wait what Who is it? What do you offer? huh??

If you haven't already hung up, at this point, wait until the cold caller runs out of breath to let you know he's not interested (although you never heard exactly what he was selling in the first place). This is a clear sign that your sales team is using ineffective cold calling scripts. You don't want to be that representative.

we all know thatLizardit's hard andOur nerves can easily overwhelm usif we are the ones calling But totally worth your time.

In fact, according to studies by the RAIN Group,69% of buyers accept cold calls from new suppliers, and 82% of potential buyers said they accept meetings with sellers who seek them out.

Cold calling is very much alive and if you want to be successful you must use a sales script.

Want to know how to get started? Well, you have options my friend! Here we discuss...

  • 5 steps to create a cold calling script from scratch,
  • 7 Call Script Templates You Can Use for Different Situations
  • 6 tips to make any script (or call) even more successful, and
  • 1 complete cold calling script to download and use today.

Whew, we have a lot to do. Let's dive!

What is a cold call?

a cold callis an unsolicited telephone call made by a sales representative or telemarketer to a potential customer for the purpose of promoting a product or service.

Cold calling is a sales industry staple, but it also has some criticisms. This is because, in this type of outbound disclosure, the potential customer has not yet expressed interest in that product; In fact, they may never have heard of your company.

It's the seller's job to be confident, friendly, and engaging; explain what they offer; and secure a second call to provide a full explanation or demonstration of the product.

What is the purpose of cold calling?

The ultimate goal of cold calling is to increase sales of your product or service. Similar to cold emailing, cold calling also helps to raise awareness of your product or service among consumers who may not know who you are.

Even if a recent outreach attempt didn't result in a closed deal, you've still raised your potential customers' awareness of your brand and the lines of products or services you offer. This can later translate into self-directed research by the prospect when the time is right for the business or when they want to replace or update a current process.

5 steps to create your own cold calling script

There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating your own cold calling script - in fact, there is a five step "formula" for structuring your sales script and creating a cold calling script that is successful and focused on you, your customers. bespoke products and your potential customers .

While we do have a free call script template to get you started right:


1. Remember: you are not (yet) selling your product

When creating your script, it's important to keep the following in mind: you are not calling to sell your product. Instead, focus on building a relationship and selling the next step: the meeting,Demonstration,discovery call, etc

By focusing on the meeting, you are more likely to get a "yes" from your prospect. It is because:

  • They focus on the value of the meetingand the benefits your prospect will receive if you agree to this next step
  • You stop demanding such a commitment from your prospect

Using this method, you set the tone for your sales script and allow you to put the focus where it belongs.

2. Start by describing a relatable situation

your first sentencesales scriptit should be a clear idea of ​​you and your business. Your next sentence needs to explain how you solve business problems - in a way your prospect can immediately relate to. This one sentence description is notsales pitchYour product or company: This is a 100% benefit-focused sentence that describes what you help or achieve for your customers. For example:

We help small hospitality businesses grow their online presence and increase their selling power on social media by about 10x.

3. Give them the opportunity to say no

19 Best Cold Calling Scripts (Free Templates) for Sales Teams (1)

Yes, you read correctly. By giving your prospect the opportunity to say no early on, you give them the illusion of being in control of the conversation.

After describing in one sentence what you do for your customers, use this simple question:

Does that sound interesting to you in general?

By giving prospects the ability to say no, they don't look for a way to get away from the conversation and can really focus on the next part of the call.

4. Ask your master skill question and repeat your answer

If they answer yes or no, or perhaps if you ask if your product looks interesting, their answer will be the same: ask for your key.qualifying question. Something simple like this:

“Tell me more about your currentsales process.

If the prospect answers your qualifying question,practice active listening. Take some quick notes and focus on what they are saying, then follow up with this powerful statement:

Okay, so what I'm hearing is...

Repeat what the prospect said with this transition. This does two important things:

  • Shows the perspectiveThey are really interested in what they have to say..
  • It gives you a better starting point for offering the next step (meeting, demo, etc.) or overcoming your objections.

Remember, this only works if you really listen to what the prospect is saying! If they reject you and you just repeat the prospect's response, you won't get anywhere!

5. Set up a meeting for tomorrow

The sooner you get to your next meeting, the better. Don't give them time to overthink or lose interest. That's how it's done:

First, offer your next step (the meeting, demo, or another part of your sales process) while focusing on the value propositions your product brings to the prospect. Then ask her when is a good time.

“I would love to hear more about the details of your process and how (your product name) can (add significant value) for you. When is a good time for a 10-minute demo?

They'll probably give you a break in a few weeks (or maybe even months) - that's fine, but strike back:

How about tomorrow?

In most cases, the prospect is open for a meeting the next day. Set the details and you're spot on!

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7 best cold calling script templates for common scenarios

There will often be times when your basic script fails to keep up with the actual conversation. While there's no way to predetermine an answer for every possible situation, it's definitely in your best interest to have scripted answers ready and look forward to some of the more common scenarios you'll encounter, such as:pass a doormanELeave a voice message.


Get started with a cold calling script template

Every cold calling script starts with confirming who you are speaking with, introducing yourself and introducing your business, followed by a pause, then a one sentence description of what you are selling and the value you offer your customers.

Hello (prospect name)! I am (your name) at (your company).


I work with (potential plural job title) as you do (describe the services you provide) and (describe the value clients receive).

From here, dive into a quick conversation with your prospect and work through any roadblocks or questions that come your way. Use the following events to extend that foundation and script any situation.

porter pass

When a secretary or assistant is blocking the way for your decision maker, you need a script specifically designed to talk and collaborate with that person. Try this:

Hello, this is (your name) with (your company name). I'm trying to contact (prospect's first name). Is (he/she) available?

Sometimes the doorman will just pass it on to you, but if he asks why you're calling, say so.

I have been working with colleagues from (prospect's first name) on the integration of a new (product/service/software solution). There has been some interest in developing a relationship with (prospect's company name) and I just called to discuss the details with (him/her).

That might be enough for the doorman to get your call on the prospect's main line, but even if you go straight to voicemail, that counts as a win! If you often struggle with gatekeepers, try examining your own perspective. the most successful sales professionalsreally appreciate the doorman.

Objection handling

You already know this, but listening to objections is cold calling territory. Make sure your call script has built-in responses so you can do betterhandle sales objectionsand never get caught unprepared.

  • “We already have a solution for that”
    Great, what solution are you using? Does everything you need?
    after they replied,
    Got it - I'm glad it's working for you now, but I think (product name) has some features you can use. Do you have 10 minutes for me to quickly review our product so you can make an informed decision later when it's time to renew your current contract?
  • "I don't have the budget for this"
    I understand completely. When does the new fiscal year start? I would be more than willing to contact you in advance and show your executive team how (product name) is worth investing in.
  • "Price is too high"
    The investment seems high, but the return and results you'll see will make it worth it.
    Let's see which features you don't need right away and which ones we can wait. This gives you a lower monthly fee while still giving you access to all the essential features you need.
  • "I need to discuss this internally and will get back to you later."
    Naturally! I'll provide all the details so you have everything you need to review with your team. What is your email address so I can send this to you?
    After confirming and repeating the email address,
    Perfect. I'm submitting it now and I can get back to you next week, Thursday or Friday, to see how it went and any questions your team might have. Which day is better?
  • "Not a good time"
    I'm sorry if I bothered you! I'll let you go and call you back on Monday to tell you more.

generating recommendations

Depending on the scenario, there are different ways to request a transfer. Here are three short scripts to address the issue:

  • You can't find a decision maker at a target company to contact:
    Hello, this is (your name) with (your company name). I've been trying to find someone to care for (decision maker's primary task responsibility), but I can't find the right person. Do you know who to contact? What's his phone number?
  • You called the wrong person:
    After introducing yourself and realizing that the person you called is not the decision maker:
    Sorry (contact name), I think the wrong person is on the line. I'm trying to reach someone who cares (core decision maker task). Who does this at (company name)?
  • You will reach a done and won agreement:
    Hello (prospect name)! It is (your name) with (your company). How is everything going for you with (your product/service)?
    That is great! Looks like you put it to good use. Listen, I wanted to ask - do you know anyone in your field who could use our (product/service)? I'll be happy to get a demo or offer a referral bonus.
    Pro Tip: There's a very simple but underused way to get more recommendations:ask again.

Reaching out through mutual connections

Ahh, your referral request worked and now you have a qualified person's name - and more importantly, you have a little bit of confidence because of the mutual connection between you and your new prospect. Capitalize on this with an event-specific script.

"Hi (prospect name) this is (your name) with (your company name). I was working with (other customer name) to make (your product name) work and when we were talking about other people who might like this (product/service) (he/she) specifically mentioned you. (He/She) said (something interesting about the new prospect).

Take a moment for your new prospect to step in and discuss his work.

This is so good. Well, I'd like to show you why (name of another client) chose us over the competition to (get results). What day of the week is good for a quick product demo?

Leave a voice message

Not every call ends with an answer. In fact, on average80% of calls go to voicemailaccording to RingLead. Because of this, it's important to create a short, compelling voicemail that will make your prospects want to call you back for more information.

Forunforgettable voicemailScript, make a fancy claim and back it up with real data. For example, you could say something like this:

Hello, this is (your name) with (your company name). I'm calling because our customers earned $2.6 billion in additional revenue last year using our product, and I want to give you the same results. If this sounds interesting to you, call me back at...

Pro Tip: Want to save time on voicemail messages? Use a CRM likeTo closeto leave pre-recorded voice messages when no one answers, saving your staff a lot of time.

make a follow-up call

A successful follow-up call should inspire and remind your prospect of their first call. You can usually spend a little more time digging into the details of your prospect's current processes and figuring out how your product or service can streamline them. Remember, it's important to maintain a two-way conversation throughout your conversation.

Hello (prospect name)! It is (your name) with (your company name). How are you?

Take a moment to talk about your prospect, their interests, and anything else unrelated to work. When you are ready,

Impressively. Well I look forward to learning more about and helping with your current process for (job role). Tell me about it.

ask open questionsto learn more about your prospect's current processes andpain points, then give your elevator pitch about your product or dive into your product demo.

Always end the conversation by allowing your prospect to ask questions, then ask them what they think about your product or service. Ask what you can do to provide additional information or what the next step in the decision-making process is. And always, always plan the next call before ending the current one.


Cold calling tips to increase success rate

The right script, along with the confidence that comes with practice, really will go a long, long way to getting you to that second call. But if you think you're saying the right words and still need help getting better results, try the tips below.

A word of warning: yes, most of themCold calling tipsinvolve some extra time or effort on your part. But trust me – a few minutes of your time up front can make all the difference in the world.

1. Target your prospects (and your scripts)

If your customers are divided into different lists or profiles, your potential customers should be too. And if you have clearly segmented prospects, consider creating segmented cold call scripts that adapt to each profile.

For example, if some of your potential customers are small businesses and some are large corporations, you'll need to customize yoursales pitchto suit any company. Pay special attention to how you word your one-sentence description, and focus on specific benefits for that sector of your audience.

2. Take time to do prospect research

It may take some time to review each one to pre-qualify your prospect, but it will help you ensure you are using the correct sales script and will provide you with valuable information for building a relationship with your prospect.

One of the best social media channels to get information about your potential customers is LinkedIn. Here you can find out where your prospects are from, what previous companies they worked at, and what exactly they do at the company they work for. You can also view company information, e.g. B. how many employees they have, recent updates, and more.

I hope some of that happens in the lead generation process, but if not, take the time to do your research.

If youUse LinkedIn to pre-qualify your prospects, you can tailor your sales pitch to their specific interests and needs.

3. Speak slowly and clearly

Remember that 100mph incline I mentioned in the intro? I beg you: don't be that guy.

19 Best Cold Calling Scripts (Free Templates) for Sales Teams (2)

For your prospects to be able to hear the rest of the call, they need to clearly hear and understand who you are and where you are calling from. Otherwise,You'll spend the rest of the speech wondering, "Who the hell is this?"

In this case, the power of adequate rest should never be underestimated.

When you say your name, pause. Let them listen and spend a second asking them if they know you. Then say your business name and pause again. Let these two points sink in before proceeding.

Few people understand how powerful it can be to simply remain silent - and this is especially true in anegotiation. I discovered this myself whenI saved our company $225,000 just by keeping my mouth shut.

VonSpeak slowly and pause effectively, also shows that you're not nervous (although you might be a little bit). You'll also have more control over the conversation and make your prospects feel more relaxed.

4. Discover the most common objections and include the answers in your cold call script

With a CRM like Close, you can record and listen to your sales pitches again. Especially useful forsales manager, this will help you see how your team is reacting to thissales objectionsand which answers really work for your team.

After reviewing the responses, choose a few that always seem to work. Then add or create them to your sales scripttraces of conversationfor each objection.

5. Work together to constantly improve your scripts

Your cold calling scripts should never feel stagnant. Work as a team to improve these scripts.

sales manager canSchedule regular quarterly meetings to discuss current cold calling scriptsand brainstorming for improvements.

This involves the whole team to make sales scripts even better and more effective.

6. Know when to throw your scripts out the window

A good sales rep knows that sometimes the script isn't enough. (But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have one - you definitely should,I talked about it here.)

A good manager knows that amazing things can happen when their B2B sales team gets creative and comes up with their own ideas.

Just because you spend time developing a great sales script doesn't mean every sales rep has to follow that script to the letter on every call.

Ultimately, each employee has a different personality and brings a different energy to each call. The way a sales rep starts their sales pitch might work for them, but not for the rest of the team. One thing I've seen in all my years in sales is that in the long run,Being authentic will pay off enormously.

Therefore, sales leaders must ensure that their team does not sound like robots on the phone, although they can always use cold calling script. Invite each sales rep to bring their own personality and style to their sales pitches, and you'll develop a team that works creatively and effectively as individuals.

Take the easy way out: use ourfreisales script

The templates and scripts provided above make it easy to create a cold calling script that works for your company and business.captures your potential customer's attention.

And remember, by working together to create targeted sales scripts and knowing when to throw them out the window, your cold calling team can really shine.

However, if you want a head start on creating an effective cold calling script, you can download our proven script template, customize it for your own market and get started.close more dealsimmediately. Try!


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