Can you buy alcohol on Sundays in Ohio? A Guide to Buying Alcohol (2023)

Can you buy alcohol on Sundays in Ohio? A Guide to Buying Alcohol (1)Most people wonder:Can you buy alcohol on Sunday in Ohio?”because of how different the beer laws are from state to state.

Whether you're moving to Ohio permanently, visiting family, or vacationing in the state, it helps to know when you can and can't buy alcohol.

Ohiodoes not allow its businesses to sell alcoholic beverages on Sundays, and this is strictly enforced as the area is a blue law state. Fortunately, it's not a dry state, so you can get alcohol as long as you buy it at the right time, so let's take a look at this guide.


Can you buy liquor on Sunday in Ohio?

You can't buy liquor on a Sunday in Ohiounless you are doing it from a company that has purchased a special license🇧🇷 Blue law states are known for not allowing specific activities to take place on Sundays. In some states, non-essential businesses are not allowed to open on this day, while others prohibit the sale of alcohol.

You canbuy intoxicating drinks on sunday in ohio, but only if the company has a special license. The sale of alcoholic beverages is allowed from 10 am to midnight. Sunday sales are also location dependent, so you'll need to research stores that sell on that day.

Previously, Ohio shoppers could only purchase beer and wine.of stores specially allowed on Sundays🇧🇷 Today, you can buy different drinks on Sunday. Remember that liquor sales will be allowed on Sundays at stores in communities where voters voted in favor.

- Liquor license

The Ohio Sunday license has a D6 permit class and allows the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sundays.between 10:00 or 11:00 and midnight🇧🇷 Businesses will spend up to $500 to get a special license for Sundays.

When can you buy liquor in Ohio?

For businesses in Ohio where customers drink alcohol on the premises, such as restaurants, breweries, breweries, bars, and beer gardens, they may sell beverages between Monday and Saturday.from 5:30 am to 2:30 am🇧🇷 If you are visiting Ohio or planning to move and want to drink at the bar, be sure to visit during the allowed time.

For liquor and grocery stores, gas stations, and other businesses that sell beer off-premises, they can.from 05:30 to 01:00 from Monday to Saturday🇧🇷 Businesses cannot hand out free celebration drinks to their customers. Also, they can define their bartender hiring requirements.

The Ohio state government regulates the sale of beer and wine through athree layer system, which guarantees that there is no monopoly in the market. The state also owns a part of the liquor supply chain and the proceeds from liquor sales are used to finance the state. Fortunately, the alcohol laws are flexible, since nobody drinks at 7 in the morning.

– When do the bars close?

Bars in Ohio in generalcloses between 12:30 pm and 2:30 am, except Sundays. Closing time depends on location, although it cannot be past 2:30 a.m. m., since it is when the law requires that they stop selling alcohol.

Bars with a special license to sell alcohol on Sundays may close at midnight. Keep in mind that you may find bars open after midnight.

Does Ohio have any dry counties?

Ohiohas no dry counties, but there are some dry districts and cities. There are currently no states in the US that are dry, including Ohio. Counties in the state are also humid, which means they allow the sale of alcohol.

In these districts, residents can use a single district voting process to decide whether to prohibit or regulate the sale of alcohol. Some cities likeAlbany, Adams County, Green Township and Lawrence County are dry.

Some cities or towns allow their businesses to sell but not serve alcohol. If you plan to move to Ohio, check to see if the county, city, or town you are moving to is dry or not, and any other restrictions they may have on selling and serving liquor at businesses.

Where can you buy liquor in Ohio?

You can buy intoxicating beverages at restaurants, bars, gas stations, motels, hotels, liquor and grocery stores, taverns, and breweries, butmust have the proper licenses and follow specific laws regarding alcoholic beverages🇧🇷 You can also buy alcohol at airports, private clubs and events by law.

- Restaurants and bars

In a sealed container, you can buy alcohol at restaurants and bars in Ohio, whether for consumption on or off site. If you are buying a take-out meal,you can get three alcoholic drinks🇧🇷 Also, you have to have a meal with alcohol and you can't order it alone.

- Fuel station

Another place to buy alcohol in Ohio is gas stations, except this is restricted to off-premise consumption. Gas stations can alsoobtain a special license to sell on Sundays.

– Motels and Hotels

In motels and hotels, you canbuy alcoholic beverages between 10 am and midnight🇧🇷 It is restricted to consumption on the spot and must be sold by the glass or in your starter pack. This is only allowed in hotels and motels that are part of a college or university or have a minimum of 50 rooms. Guests can also purchase alcoholic beverages in their rooms.

- grocery stores

Like gas stations, a grocery store can sell liquor in Ohio foroff-premises consumption🇧🇷 Must be sold packaged from the brewery in its original packaging. These stores can also get a special license for Sundays.

– Taverns and Breweries

Breweries, breweries, taverns, restaurants, and distilleries in Ohio are allowed to sell the beverages they make there.drinking facilities on site or to take home.

For the former, they canserve drinks in glasses or open containers🇧🇷 For off-premises consumption, containers must not exceed one gallon. They may also offer four free samples and no more than two ounces per sample.

– Liquor stores

Can you buy alcohol on Sundays in Ohio? A Guide to Buying Alcohol (2)Retail beverage and packaging stores may sell beverages foroff-premises consumptionand offer samples to their customers. They are restricted to selling alcoholic beverages in their initial containers, and each container is limited to five and one-sixth gallons. If you want to buy more, you have to go to the beer distributors. The liquor laws for samples are the same as for breweries.

– Do Kroger, Costco and Walmart sell alcohol in Ohio?

Sim,they do🇧🇷 Kroger has over 70 stores across Ohio, but you'll need to check to see if the one closest to you can sell on Sundays. Costco also sells alcoholic beverages, either in person or by delivery. As for Walmart, you can buy beer on Sundays, but not wine and liquor.

Minimum drinking age

The minimum drinking age in Ohio is21 years, the legal drinking age in the United States. Those under the age of 18 are considered minors and may only drink under parental supervision. Also, people between the ages of 18 and 21 may only consume alcohol after obtaining parental permission and with supervision. Otherwise, they are seen as underage drinkers.

For minors,parent or guardian must be physically presentto qualify as parental consent. In addition, if damage or injury occurs after drinking, parents will take responsibility. This is what happens to spouses when one is over 21 and the other is between 18 and 20.

Minors may also drink alcohol formedical, educational or religious purposes, but a parent or guardian may not give alcohol to a minor other than their child, even if the child's parents consent. Parents must be present. Anyone under the age of 21 cannot purchase alcohol in Ohio, as it is illegal. Furthermore, attempting to do so under a false identity is a punishable offense.

How are waiters regulated?

Em Ohio, waitersno need to buy a licensebefore they can sell and serve alcohol. Additionally, businesses can choose their bartender hiring requirements. Under the law, those under 18 years of age can sell beer, wine, spirits and other alcoholic beverages, but they must be in sealed containers.

As for serving alcohol, you must be 19 years or older, although this is not allowed for wine or spirits. But before you can work as a bartender, you have to be of drinking age, which is21 years or older.

Also, it is not legal for a bartender to drink while working in Ohio. According to the administrative rules of the Department of Commerce's Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, bartenders may not consume alcohol during working hours.

Can you order beer at home?

You can deliver beer in Ohio like athe bill allowing this was signed in April 2021🇧🇷 The same goes for other types of drinks, but they must be placed in their original packaging. The person who wishes to order and receive the drink must be 21 years old.

Online stores, local stores, breweries, and local delivery services can also deliver beer to their customers.

frequent questions

We've explored everything you need to know about buying alcohol on Sundays in Ohio and other laws. Here are some other questions you may have in mind.

– What time can I buy beer in Ohio on Sunday?

you can buy beer10 am or 11 am on Sunday, depending on the business, its location, and whether it has a special license. Beer sales on Sunday end at midnight.

– Why do liquor stores close on Sundays?

The blue laws were put into practiceto make sure people go to church, pray and read the bible, so their rules include closing liquor stores on sundays as that is when religious americans go to church. Some laws also prohibit work and recreational activities on Sunday.

The wine is only sold in stores withspecial permit for alcoholic beverages on Sundays in Ohio🇧🇷 Otherwise, you won't find wine for sale on Sundays.


Can you buy alcohol on Sundays in Ohio? A Guide to Buying Alcohol (3)With our complete guide, you can now buy alcohol freely in Ohio, obeying the laws. Here are some ofthe main points:

  • You can't buy alcohol on a Sunday in Ohio unless it's from a company that has a special license.
  • The special license allows the sale of alcohol on Sundays between 10 am and midnight.
  • From Monday to Saturday, the sale of alcohol for consumption in the place is allowed between the hours of 5:30 am and 2:30 am.
  • Ohio has a few cities, towns, and dry districts.
  • You can receive beer in Ohio.

So when you're in Ohio, you know the right time to visit bars, stores, gas stations, and other places where beer is allowed. But when it comes to Sundays, you'll have tolook further for a business with a special licensemi.

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What is illegal to buy on Sundays in Ohio? ›

There is no shortage of weird laws in the state of Ohio. One such weird law that exists is that it is illegal to sell Corn Flakes on Sunday.

Can you buy beer anytime on Sunday in Ohio? ›

Businesses can sell alcohol between 5:30 am to 2:30 am from Mondays to Saturdays. Sunday sales heavily depend on the location but with a special permit, alcohol may be sold from 10 pm to 1 am.

Can I buy wine before noon on Sunday in Ohio? ›

(1) From Monday to Saturday between the hours of one a.m. and five-thirty a.m.. (2) On Sunday between the hours of one a.m. and Sunday midnight, unless statutorily authorized otherwise.

What is the liquor law in Ohio? ›

Ohio law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age. Ohio Revised Code Section 4301.22(A) (see page 7) states in part, “... no beer or intoxicating liquor shall be sold to any person under 21 years of age.” The penalty for this violation is a fine up to $500 and/or 60 days in jail.

What time can you buy alcohol in Ohio on Sunday? ›

Sunday Sales of Intoxicating Liquor: 10:00 a.m. – midnight (Form 5-E)

What are the blue laws in Ohio on Sunday? ›

In 1809, Ohio legislators outlawed sin and anti-social behavior on Sundays, including "sporting, gambling, rioting, quarreling, hunting, horse racing, shooting or common labors," except necessary work. They were called blue laws because one or more of the regulations had been printed on blue paper.

Can you buy beer at Walmart on Sunday in Ohio? ›

Restrictions: Stores can sell alcohol from 11 AM to 6 PM on Sundays.

Can you buy alcohol anytime in Ohio? ›

Licensed businesses can serve alcohol from 5:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday. These laws are the same for bars, restaurants and stores that sell alcohol.

Does Walmart sell liquor in Ohio? ›

To give a simpler answer to the question, Walmart sells alcohol in every state, except for: Alaska. Delaware. Rhode Island.

Can my passenger drink while I drive Ohio? ›

Alcohol consumption in a motor vehicle is always illegal in Ohio, whether you are a driver or a passenger. The only exception to this rule is in the back of a limousine if you are separated from the driver.

Can you walk around with alcohol in Ohio? ›

Ohio Revised Code 4301.62 states that no person shall have in their possession an open container of beer or intoxicating liquor in a liquor store, motor vehicle, or in any public space.

Can you drink alcohol and carry a gun in Ohio? ›

(A) No person, while under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse, shall carry or use any firearm or dangerous ordnance. (B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of using weapons while intoxicated, a misdemeanor of the first degree.

Can you buy Whisky on Sunday in Ohio? ›

Because of the state's blue laws, Ohio businesses are not permitted to sell liquor on Sundays. On Sunday, intoxicating liquor can be purchased in Ohio only if the business has a special permit. A Sunday license, which can cost up to $500, must be purchased by a business.

Does Ohio have a dead red law? ›

The new state law allows drivers to go through red lights if the light isn't working properly and only if the intersection is clear of oncoming traffic.

When did blue laws end in Ohio? ›

The 1962 Christmas season proved to be a turning point for Sunday sales, with retailers gradually remaining open on a seven-day basis despite the blue laws, which remained on the books in Ohio until 1973, when they formally were repealed. By then, they were virtually ignored by retailers and law enforcement alike.

Are red and blue lights illegal in Ohio? ›

Using red or blue colors is illegal in Ohio. No flashing, rotating or oscillating lights are permitted. Flashing lights are allowed only as a means for indicating a right or left turn or the presence of a vehicular traffic hazard requiring unusual care in approaching, or overtaking or passing.

Can you buy liquor in grocery stores in Ohio? ›

In some control states, alcohol is only sold at designated package stores that are operated by government agencies. In Ohio, you can purchase beer, wine and liquor at grocery stores and other retail locations, but the state regulates the number of alcohol permits.

What time does walmart sell beer on Sunday in Ohio? ›

The special license allows the sale of alcohol on Sundays between 10 a.m. and midnight. From Mondays to Saturdays, selling alcohol for on-premise consumption is allowed between 5:30 a.m, and 2:30 a.m. Selling for off-premise consumption stops at 1:00 a.m.

Does Ohio Costco sell liquor? ›

In most of those states, grocery stores can still legally sell beer and wine. Costco sells alcohol in every state except for: Rhode Island. Utah.

What is the most popular alcohol in Ohio? ›

Top Selling Alcohol Brands in Ohio (by Dayton DUI)
  • Absolut Vodka, 281,898 gallons.
  • Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, 281,295 gallons.
  • Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, 279,512 gallons.
  • Smirnoff Vodka, 271,204 gallons.
  • Jagermeister, 256,526 gallons.
  • Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey, 231,888 gallons.
  • Korski Vodka, 229,404 gallons.

What liquor is Ohio known for? ›

Handcrafted right in Ohio's Miami Valley, Buckeye Vodka offers extraordinary quality at a reasonable price. We're the #1 Ohio made vodka... Isn't it time you gave the clean, smooth taste of Buckeye Vodka a taste?

How much is an open container ticket in Ohio? ›

If you carry an open container in Ohio, then you could be charged with a minor misdemeanor, which carries a fine of $150. Consumption or possession of an open container of alcohol is a fourth-degree misdemeanor in Ohio. A fourth-degree misdemeanor can result in a maximum jail sentence of up to 30 days and a $250 fine.

Can you drink in a limo in Ohio? ›

Chauffeured limousine: a passenger of a chauffeured limo can lawfully drink beer or liquor and possess an open container if: (1) the passenger and/or a guest of the passenger has paid a fee pursuant to a prearranged contract, and (2) the passenger doesn't occupy a seat in the front compartment of the limo where the ...

How many drinks can you have and still drive in Ohio? ›

If you are arrested or charged with a DUI/OVI in Columbus, you will be asked to submit to a chemical test in the form of either a breath, blood, or urine test to assess your blood alcohol content (BAC). The legal limit for DUI in Ohio is 0.08, and if you test over that, you will be charged with OVI.

Can you drink in public parks in Ohio? ›

Alcohol is prohibited in public areas in every state park, except facilities where alcohol is served (e.g., certain state park lodges, resorts, and golf courses).

Can you drink in an RV in Ohio? ›

In Ohio, consumption of alcohol and possession of open containers of alcohol in motor vehicles is generally prohibited, with two exceptions. Violation of the open container law is a misdemeanor offense.

Can you drink at a park in Ohio? ›

Alcohol is prohibited in public areas in every state park. Alcohol may be consumed within the confines and privacy afforded in a cabin, cabin site, lodge room, rented campsite, or in those areas designated by the chief of Ohio State Parks.

Can you open carry in Walmart in Ohio? ›

Kroger and Walmart Tuesday asked customers to stop openly carrying guns in stores, but both will still allow concealed permit holders to discretely bear their firearms in Ohio and other states that allow it.

Can I conceal carry in a bar in Ohio? ›

Section 2923.121 | Possession of firearm in beer liquor permit premises - prohibition, exceptions. (A) No person shall possess a firearm in any room in which any person is consuming beer or intoxicating liquor in a premises for which a D permit has been issued under Chapter 4303.

Can you conceal carry in a mall in Ohio? ›

Property owners can still post "no firearms" signs. Those carrying can still enter businesses that are issued a Class D liquor permit including night clubs, carry outs, restaurants, malls, marinas, etc. but if the person is drinking alcohol, they are not allowed to carry a concealed handgun.

Can you buy wine from Walmart on Sunday in Ohio? ›

Does Walmart Sell Alcohol On Sundays? Yes, Walmart sells alcohol on Sundays, but that varies on the store location. Walmart does not call the shots on when and what liquor to sell on a certain day because they follow the local state liquor laws.

Are bars closed on Sunday Ohio? ›

Bars that are licensed to sell alcohol for on-premise consumption may serve it from 5:30 am to 2:30 am Monday through Saturday. Bars with a special permit may also serve alcohol on Sundays from 10:00 am to midnight. Although, some bars are still open after midnight on Sundays.


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