Health issues and symptoms in dogs (2023)

Being a fur baby daddy means giving your dog affection and affection every day. Lots of walks, hugs and healthy pampering are always the order of the day. Carefully watch your dog's diet to ensure he stays healthy and well, and keep up with his preventative care with vaccines, heartworm medication, and flea preventatives.

Just like humans, all dog breeds can get sick from time to time. We may feel sick from time to time due to a cold or stomach problems. Much to our dismay, our fur babies can't speak or tell us how they feel or let us know when they're dealing with health issues.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of common canine health problems can help us figure out what might be causing our pets' problems. Just like when your dog exhibits common canine behavior issues like destructive chewing or biting, you always want to get to the root cause when your pup is dealing with medical conditions or minor health issues.

Once we collect your symptoms, we can pass this information on to your veterinarian who can decide the best course of action. Let's break down some common dog health issues and their symptoms.

ear infections

Our dogs have the cutest ears that turn heads when they find something interesting or are happy to see us. Some breeds, like Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels, have floppy ears that we love to pet.

As cute as dog ears are, they are not designed to easily prevent ear infections. Water can easily enter our dog's ear canals. These floppy-eared beauties may also be more susceptible to moisture trapped in the ear, creating the best breeding ground for bacteria to develop and proliferate. Ear infections are the result of bacteria or fungus and moisture in the ear and can make our fur babies completely unhappy.

When your dog has an ear infection, a number of symptoms can occur. The most visible symptoms are your dog scratching and picking at his ears. They may also tilt their head in one direction or another as they try to find a way to make the pain go away. The inner part of the ear may become red, inflamed and warm to the touch. You may also see discharge and crusting inside the ear canal.

As soon as you notice these symptoms, take your dog to the vet for immediate treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Ear infections can become quite unpleasant and can even cause your dog to lose his hearing if the infection persists for too long.

These infections are also painful for our poor pups. The key to preventing ear infections is making sure your furbabies' ears are kept clean and dry.

dental problems

While we don't recommend putting your dog's toothbrush in the same cup as yours, we do recommend that you follow veterinarians' advice and brush your dog's teeth frequently.

Preventable dental problems can arise when our dog's pearly white teeth are neglected. These problems are more common in older dogs. Food particles and bacteria from wherever his mouth has been (think garbage, yard trash, other crazy things our dogs choose to lick) can build up and form the hard plaque that eventually turns into tartar. This tartar is what can cause our dog's gums to become inflamed, and this is where canine dental problems can develop.

Periodontal diseaseit may go unnoticed in most dogs until it is in its advanced stages. At this stage, your dog's teeth and gums start to break down, which can cause pain and other infections.

We know our dogs won't have fresh minty breath, but bad breath could indicate a mouth infection. Take a look, and if you notice that your gums are inflamed or bleeding, there could be a dental problem. If your dog prefers one side of his mouth and won't eat, his teeth or gums could hurt.

Your vet will be able to lay out a plan of action which may include dental cleanings or even pulling teeth that aren't healthy enough to save. Brushing your dog's teeth is the best way to prevent dental problems from occurring, and there are treats and toys designed to help remove any plaque that has started to form. Never use human toothbrushes or toothpaste for your furry friends.

stomach problems

This is one of the most common health problems among dogs. Stomach problems are not fun for humans and they are definitely not fun for our four-legged friends. Our dogs can sometimes trigger their digestive issues with their affinity for climbing into the trash can and gobbling up last night's leftovers. Or maybe you've also switched your dog to a new dog food, and your stomach isn't used to it.

No matter the case, if your dog's tummy is growling, youyou can see them do some things. Not having a lot of energy is a major sign that something is wrong. If your dog is licking his lips more than usual or licking the air, he may feel nauseous. Your dog may also be vomiting or dealing with incontinence and pooping more than usual.

Some stomach problems don't necessarily warrant a trip to the vet. Monitor your dog closely to help determine if it's an illness that can only be resolved with time or if it's time to visit the neighborhood vet. If your dog is experiencing severe vomiting or blood in his stool, he definitely deserves a trip to the vet.

Otherwise, sometimes your dog's body just needs to figure things out for itself. You can help the process along by offering your dog some chicken or bone broth. Canned pumpkin is also a soothing remedy to help soothe your dog's tummy. Of course, check with your vet first before changing your pup's diet.

In no time, your dog will be on his toes and ready for his umpteenth treat of the day.

hot spots

Has your dog licked or scratched a spot and now has a nasty sore? This can be aaccess point, a common dermatological problem in dogs.

If your dog has an irritated area of ​​skin, this common health condition can be made worse by constant scratching and licking. As this site becomes more inflamed and bacteria from the mouth or paws enter the wound, an infection can develop, causing an even bigger problem.

Hot spots can be very uncomfortable for your dog, and you may see them get irritated because of the pain. The patch of skin will become inflamed and red, and he will likely go bald from constant scratching and flaking.

A visit to the veterinarian is necessary when a hot spot is suspected. Veterinarians may prescribe antibiotics or pain relievers. Your dog may also need to use a cone while the hot spot is healing so he doesn't further irritate the spot by licking and scratching.


Urinary tract infections may be a more common condition in female dogs than male dogs. (They're also more common in older dogs.) A number of reasons can cause UTIs, but the main problem is that the bacteria has multiplied in your dog's urinary tract.

Common symptoms of canine urinary tract infectionsinclude increased thirst and licking of Organs genitals. If your dog empties his water bowl more often, this could be a sign that his body is trying to process more water to produce urine.

One of the most common signs that pet owners notice is when their dog has unusual accidents around the house and comes to the door more often. Concerned pet owners will also find blood in their urine while cleaning up any internal accidents. It can be a very shocking discovery, and a phone call to the vet's office is the next step.

The bacteria that cause UTIs can be resistant to antibiotics, so it's critical to finish all medications prescribed by your veterinarian. UTIs need treatment, and seeing a veterinarian right away for treatment prevents the infection from getting worse.

Other common dog problems

Below are several more common conditions in dogs of all ages:

  • hair loss
  • Obesity
  • heart disease
  • Side effects of food or drugs
  • kennel cough

Non-medical issues that many dogs deal with include:

  • excessive barking
  • separation anxiety
  • resource protection

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