How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (2023)

If you're wondering how long an iPhone can record, the short answer is that there's no set limit, but it depends. Will you be working on a new project shooting with an iPhone? You've already seen the "Shot on iPhone" clips. Now it's time to put them into practice. This guide covers the most important factors when filming with an iPhone and offers a few tips along the way.

How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (1)

How long can an iPhone record a video?

The iPhone is a great camera replacement as Apple focuses on building top-notch phone cameras and providing sophisticated apps for editing. The maximum video length of an iPhone mainly depends on the iPhone model, video fps, resolution, format and other details like available battery.

Storage: One Thing to Consider When Filming with an iPhone

Storage is an essential part of the shooting process as it affects the length of a video. This section covers the various ways to handle storage.

Your available disk space

Internal storage is a crucial factor to consider when shooting video clips. If you don't have 512GB of storage, you'll eventually need additional storage for your device. Android owners can easily expand their storage space; However, the same cannot be said about an iPhone. For example, Androids and many other phones have an SD card slot, but the iPhone does not.

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If you're not sure, follow these steps to find out how much free storage your iPhone has:

  1. open settings."
    How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (2)
  2. Select "General".
    How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (3)
  3. Tap "About" and look for "Available" which shows the available storage space.
    How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (4)

stick USB

If your internal memory is not enough, you can opt for pendrives. While not exactly aesthetically pleasing, they make up for it with a good storage function. To use this lightweight accessory, you need to plug it in via the charging port. Many manufacturers do this, like LEEF.

How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (5)

Hard drives connected by WI-FI

Though they won't serve you while recording, you can opt for Wi-Fi connected hard drives to store your recorded videos. Make sure your iPhone is compatible. The advantage of this is that you can even add terabytes of storage to your phone. Downsides are much less portability and a different app ecosystem.

Still, not only can you use this storage option with your phone, but you can also share videos with other devices. This option is especially convenient if you often use a computer and other devices at home.

How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (6)

Cases with memory and battery

Another storage option is cases with additional storage, although you'll need to check if someone makes them for your model. Some cases like this even come with a battery. The extra energy can help during long sessions if you can't find better sources of energy.

How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (7)


You can choose to upload your videos to the cloud to free up space for future footage. Apple iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox are just a few of the many alternatives available. They all come with a free and paid version, so it's worth a try.

The resolution can vary the space and duration of a video

Your iPhone can create videos with different resolutions. Lower resolutions use less storage space, so you can expect to create more videos with the same storage space. Hence this trade-off between quality and quantity.

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Newer iPhones can record at least 720p and 1080p with ease. Starting with the iPhone 6S series, the next iPhones in the lineup are adding 4K HD resolutions and slow motion recording at 120 and 240 frames per second.

In addition to resolution, the video encoding format also matters when it comes to storage. Devices running iOS 11 use HEVC by default.

To change the recording format:

  1. Go to settings."
    How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (8)
  2. Select "Camera" and then "Formats".
    How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (9)
  3. Choose High Efficiency.
    How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (10)

High Efficiency is short for High-Efficiency Video Coding, HEVC or h.265.

For example, according to Apple, an hour-long 1080p video shot at 60 fps takes about 11.7GB for h.264. HEVC reduces this amount by almost half, that is, to 5.4 GB.

Examples of video durations with different recording options

All of the following recording options such as fps, format (HEVC) and resolution will produce a 12GB video:

  • 720p HD movies at 30fps will make a 5 hour video occupying 12GB.
  • 1080p HD at 30 fps yields approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes of video.
  • 1080p HD at 60 fps delivers 2 hours of video.
  • 1080p HD slow motion at 120 fps produces a 1 hour 6 minute video.
  • 1080p HD in slow motion at 240 fps results in a 24-minute video.
  • 4K HD at 24 fps creates a 1 hour 24 minute video.
  • 4K HD at 30 fps results in a 1 hour 6 minute video.
  • 4K HD at 60 fps produces a 30-minute video.

Recording times provided are scaled with more disk space, which is proportional and, in the worst case, decreasing. So if you have 24GB, you can expect approximately twice as long as the previous video.

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iPhone Video Recording Tips

Check out the tips below to get the most out of your videos.

Use Better Alternatives to Apple's Default Camera App

You may want to produce higher quality videos than the official Apple Camera app offers. In that case, you can choose to use another video recording application, for examplefilm professional, found on the App Store. With this app you can use 50 Mbps, a higher bit rate than the standard 24 Mbps. Note that the higher the bitrate, the more space the video will take up.

lighting is important

Make sure the area you are shooting in is well lit. Light is a factor that affects all mobile cameras. Also, try not to use different light sources, as the camera lens may have trouble matching the different colors each light source emits.

Adjust screen brightness for recording

If you want to record a long session, keeping the screen brightness as low as possible will reduce battery drain. This allows for slightly longer sessions if for some reason you are unable to charge your iPhone while recording.

Adjust your white balance

If you want to make sure your video looks natural and has the right colors, you can manually adjust the white balance. By adjusting the white balance, you get as accurate colors as possible.

Shoot horizontally with a mount and in airplane mode

Make sure you record your videos horizontally in Airplane mode. If necessary, bring a table stand for stability. This combination allows for better video output, saves battery life and increases productivity by eliminating unforeseen distractions.

Grid and the rule of thirds

Use the rule of thirds to frame your production properly. This rule is used on still images and videos. It describes the basic compositional structure of your film. To use it, turn on the camera app's grid for recording.

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A good microphone is worth it

Good sound can make the difference. So, if you are not satisfied with your phone's microphone, then you can opt for a quality external microphone to ensure that the sound quality is excellent.

Make sure the microphone is compatible with your model.

Crop your videos to save space

You can always trim any video to get that extra space, no matter what type of video it is. Check out these steps to trim videos on iPhone:

  1. Open the video you want to cut.
  2. Select "Edit" in the top right or bottom corner of the screen.
    How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (11)
  3. Tap an edge of the video slider at the bottom of the screen. This will display yellow edit handles.
    How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (12)
  4. Drag the editing handles to where you want the video to start and end.
  5. Tap Done and Save as New Clip.
    How long can an iPhone record a video? It depends (13)

Film some long shots with the iPhone

Apple certainly isn't shying away from allowing its phones to take vertical photos. For example, the company officially released a five-hour video entitled "hermitage' with the iPhone 11 Pro. This video was shot at continuous 1080p and is 5 hours and 19 minutes long. At the end of the long shoot, the iPhone had 19% battery left.

Still, some people have reported that their iPhone video recordings would occasionally close abruptly. This happened randomly, but only when they were shooting really long movies.

While the iPhone 11 Pro sets an exceptional record for filming on battery power, in practice any iPhone's battery drains much faster when using non-standard apps like Filmic Pro, especially as the phone ages. So it's best to leave your phone plugged in while recording.

What is your longest recorded video so far? What and how do you plan to shoot next? Let us know in the comments section below.

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How long of a video can I record on my phone? ›

The answer to this question depends on which device you are using. Samsung Galaxy phones, for example, can only record up to 10 minutes of video at a time. For other devices, the maximum length of a video will depend on the resolution you record in and how large a video file the device can support.

How much space does a 1 minute video take up iPhone? ›

One minute of video on the iPhone can be from 60MB to 480MB in size. fps .” width=”1024″ height=”484″ /> How much memory does 1 minute iPhone video take?

How long can iPhone record video continuously? ›

9 hrs, 12 min.

How do I record a video without time limit? ›

The following is a list of the free screen recorder without a time limit you can use to make infinite recordings on your computer.
  1. EaseUS RecExperts. Compatibility: Windows and Mac. ...
  2. CamStudio. ...
  3. TinyTake. ...
  4. VLC Media Player. ...
  5. ShareX. ...
  6. QuickTime Player. ...
  7. OBS Studio. ...
  8. Free Cam.

How big should a 1 hour video file be? ›

Common Video Sizes
Common NamePixel SizeFile Size for 1 hour of video
720p1280 x 720800 – 900MB
1080p1920 x 10801.2 – 1.4GB
2K2048 x 10802.8 – 3GB
4K3840 x 216020 – 22GB
1 more row
Feb 17, 2022

What is the best video size for iPhone? ›

Switch to 4k resolution

To give your iPhone video quality a boost, tap into the “Record Video” tab. If your phone supports it, switch to 4K resolution. This resolution will capture the most detail in your video footage.

Can iPhone send 5 minute video? ›

You cannot email a file larger than 25 megabytes using an iPhone, which can make it difficult to send large or long videos. You can work around these file size limits to send a large video using the iPhone's Mail Drop feature, which sends content via iCloud, or by using a third-party platform like Google Drive.

Can someone secretly video record you? ›

California requires the consent of all parties, with a minimum consent being the notification that the parties are being recorded in a confidential conversation with an audible beep at particular intervals throughout the recording. Without permission, an individual can face imprisonment and fines.

What is the best secret recording app iPhone? ›

Smart Recorder and Transcriber

If you are looking for a secret voice recorder with proper transcribing option, this is the app for your iPhone. You can record without getting detected easily and you can transcribe recording as well as edit and share them.

Can you screen record for 3 hours on iPhone? ›

Don't lose track of time (and storage)

Just because your iPhone can record virtually unlimited amounts of video doesn't mean that's something you should do. As far as I know, there is no time limit to how much you can record your screen. The only limit is the amount of empty space on your iPhone hard drive.

How much storage does a 2 hour screen recording take up? ›

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as the resolution of the recording, the bitrate, and the codec used. However, as a general guide, a 2 hour screen recording at 720p resolution with a bitrate of 3 Mbps would result in a file size of approximately 3.6 GB.

Is iPhone recording all the time? ›

You can't take away microphone and camera permission from your iPhone's standard features, like the Camera app. One step you can take is deactivating Listen for "Hey Siri" by going to Siri & Search under Settings. As long as the voice assistant is on, you can assume that your device is always listening to you.

Can Iphone record video 2 hours? ›

1080p HD at 30 fps will yield approximately a 3 hour and 15 minutes long video. 1080p HD at 60 fps will make a 2-hour long video. 1080p HD in slow-motion at 120 fps will produce a 1 hour and 6 minutes long video. 1080p HD in slow-motion at 240 fps will yield a 24-minute-long video.

Can you screen record for 3 hours? ›

The software's built-in screen recording tool can handle both microphone and system audio and lets you record with no time limits.

How can I make a recorded video longer? ›

How To Make A Video Longer
  1. 6 Best Methods to Make a Video Longer.
  2. Loop the Video.
  3. Slow Down the Video Speed.
  4. Add an Intro and Outro.
  5. Add Images to the Video.
  6. Boomerang Your Video.
  7. Add More Content to Your Video Clip.
  8. Bonus Tips: How to Edit Video Easily on a Computer.

How big would a 10-minute video be? ›

Understanding Video File Size

This means that a 10-minute video will produce a file size of just over 1 gigabyte.

How big should a 10-minute video be? ›

Warning: The default video resolution setting on most phones has been set at a minimum of Full High Definition (30FPS) or better. This means that a 10-minute video will produce a file size of just over 1 gigabyte.

How much space does a 1 hour video take up on iPhone? ›

Typically, iPhones default to shooting video in 1080p HD at 60 frames per second. Using these settings, a minute of video takes up 100MB of your storage. If that sounds a lot and you don't have much storage to play with, you can customize the resolution and frame rate of recorded video to reduce the file size.

How do I shoot high quality video on my iPhone? ›

Go to Settings. Tap Camera, then tap Record Video. Select from the list of video formats and frame rates that your iPhone or iPad supports.

How do I change video length on iPhone? ›

Trim your video
  1. Open the Photos app and tap the video that you want to edit.
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Move the sliders on both sides of the video timeline to change the start and stop times. To preview your trimmed video, tap the play button .
  4. Tap Done, then tap Save Video or Save Video as New Clip.
Mar 2, 2022

How long can an iPhone video be to text? ›

There are many publications stating there is a 3:30 time limit on videos, but that is easily debunked. If sending an iMessage, while attaching a video from the message editor using the camera roll option, iMessage will prompt to trim the video attachment and then contrain the length to about 4:15 (in 720p 30fps).

How can I send a 7 minute video from an iPhone? ›

If you're an iPhone user, there are two main ways to share large video files between devices.
  1. AirDrop it. AirDrop is probably the easier of the two options. ...
  2. Send it via iCloud. If you're outside your recipient's WiFi and Bluetooth range, you can opt for iCloud — Apple's cloud storage service.
Jun 29, 2022

How can I send a 10 minute video from my phone? ›

Here's what you need to do:
  1. Start the Google Photos app on your phone.
  2. Find the video you want to share, then tap and hold it until the toolbar appears at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap the Share icon.
  4. In the pop-up window, tap "Create link." After a moment, you'll see a message that the link has been copied.
Dec 4, 2020

Can I screen record for 4 hours? ›

With the right screen recording software, you can screen record indefinitely. As long as the action continues on your screen, you can continue to capture it. However, that does not necessarily mean that you can always capture hours upon hours of footage.

Will a phone record for 5 hours? ›

Video Length Examples With Different Recording Options

720p HD at 30 fps films will make a 5-hour long video that uses 12 GB. 1080p HD at 30 fps will yield approximately a 3 hour and 15 minutes long video.

How many GB is a 2 hour video? ›

Streaming Movies or TV

A 1080p HD 30 fps 2-hour movie averages 3 GB in file size. A 720p HD 2-hour movie averages 2 GB in file size. A Standard Definition (SD) 2-hour movie averages 1 GB in file size.

Can I screen record for 2 hours Iphone? ›

As long as you have available space, you'll be able to Screen Record. You can free up space by using iCloud to store photos and videos.

How big is a 1 hour screen recording? ›

Video Centric Recording:

360p (High Quality) video: 40 MB per hour. 720p (High Definition) video: 220 MB per hour.

Is there a free screen recorder with no time limit? ›

ScreenRec is one of the best free screen recorders with no watermark and no time limit. This option is great for those who want to capture videos and quickly share them.

Can my phone record for 12 hours? ›

Be it any Android phone, there is no limit to video recording, as much as the space in your phone is empty in the memory, it fills up according to the quality of your video recording, Means the bigger the video you want to record, the more space should be free in your phone's memory.

Is 7 hours on your phone too much? ›

What's a healthy amount of screen time for adults? Experts say adults should limit screen time outside of work to less than two hours per day. Any time beyond that which you would typically spend on screens should instead be spent participating in physical activity.

Is your phone constantly recording? ›

Yes, your phone is listening to you — to an extent and namely through virtual assistant apps, that is. First came Siri in 2011, then came Google Assistant, and then Alexa and Cortana all followed.

How large is a 1 minute video? ›

Understanding Video File Size
Video ResolutionLength of RecordingFile Size (approximate)
VGA1 minute24.1mb
High Definition (HD)1 minute88.3mb
1:11 minute110mb
Full High Definition (30FPS)1 minute124mb
3 more rows

How much data does a 1 hour video use? ›

A standard quality video running at 480p uses 700MB every hour. HD quality, like that on your home TV, runs at up to 2K resolution and uses up to 3GB per hour. Ultra-high definition – 4K resolution like the latest TVs – uses a massive 7.2GB per hour.


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