How To Fix Firestick Stuck In Boot Loop Error [Solved]-2022 (2023)

This article will guide and explain how to fix firestick stuck in boot loop in some simple and effective ways. We have tried and tested all these methods so you can choose any of the following to resolve your issue.

The article will consist of different ways such as changing the USB cable or power plug for damage, manually resetting or restarting your firestick TV, flashing the device and putting it in default mode.

Los amazon fire stickhas become very popular since its release. But this firestick stuck in boot loop issue has puzzled many. Firestick is stuck in boot loop which means it repeatedly boots or restarts for no reason.

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  • 1 Techniques on How to Fix Firestick Stuck in Boot Loop
    • 1.1 Change USB cable or check for damage
    • 1.2 Check the power plug
    • 1.3 Firestick TV manual launch
    • 1.4 Factory reset your Firestick
    • 1.5 Firestick Update
    • 1.6 Clearing app cache
  • 2 frequently asked questions
    • 2.1 What are some important things to keep in mind when upgrading my Amazon Firestick?
    • 2.2 Is there a specific period when I must update the Firestick?
    • 2.3 Does the firestick blinking off mean it's rebooting or stuck in a boot loop?
    • 2.4 What is the reason why my Firestick turns off?
  • 3 Conclusion

Techniques on how to fix Firestick stuck in boot loop

This error is quite common. First, we will discuss the reasons for this error and also guide you on what they are and how to fix Amazon Fire Stick restart loop. Read below to find out.

Change USB cable or check for damage

The back plug of the Firestick TV USB cable may not be compatible with your TV. This can cause the firestick to restart the loop. For this, a firestick reset loop workaround upgrades the firestick cable to a better and more powerful version. This will help turn on the TV and the firestick will no longer get stuck in the boot loop. If you immediately want to use a firestick to transmit something, you can always try the USB cable with your phone or an individual.Checkhow to connect cell phone to tv


Your USB cable might be damaged and hence you might experience boot loop issues. When using the cable, you should check that it is compatible with your TV and firestick so that this problem does not appear again. You can change the USB cable you have with a better and more compatible one to fix this problem.

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Check the power plug

A power failure can causeamazon fire stickreboot loop. It seems like a small problem, but it can still cause this big problem. look howenjoy local channels on Firestick.

To fix this boot loop issue all you have to do ispull the plugor cable and wait a few minutes. Then plug it back in and check if the firestick works.

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Firestick TV manual launch

A boot but manually will help quickly fix the stuck boot loop issue on firestick and can also be called a soft reset. Doing a soft reset will help.get rid of cacheor bugs that make firestick repeatedly boot. Here's how to manually start a firestick TV or do a soft reset:


  1. You have to press the button on the remote that says select and play for a while simultaneously.
  2. Upon doing so, Firestick will direct you to the home page or show a reset option.
  3. restart manually

A firestick stuck in the boot loop can be fixed in a simple but effective way. And what better way to fix any broken device than to reset it? So that's what will be shown here! Here's how to reset your firestick, but manually:

  1. Look at the top row offire stick remote control, and there will be a button in the middle that you have to press once and release.
  2. After that you need to use the arrows that are on your remote control, go to settings and click on it.
  3. In the settings menu, you will see the option 'my fire TV'. Click on this option.
  4. Once you've done that, you can see a dropdown menu that lets you restart.
  5. After clicking this option with your remote, your Fire TV device will automatically reboot.

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Factory Reset Your Firestick

Resetting something to factory settings means putting everything back to its default mode. So if your firestick gets stuck in boot loop then factory reset will usually help. Here's how to put a firestick through a factory reset:

  1. Press the middle button on the top row and press and release it once.
  2. Go to settings with the help of Firestick TV remote.
  3. In the settings on the right you will see a 'My Fire Tv'.
  4. Once you click on it a drop down menu will appear and in that menu you can see 'reset to factory defaults'.
  5. After clicking on this alternative, Firestick Tv will factory reset and become new automatically.

Updating the Firestick

A firestick that doesn't update can cause issues with the TV causing the firestick to get stuck on the loading screen. Also, it can cause problems in booting or also in security. So, if you encounter the boot loop issue on firestick, here's how to update it:

  1. On the homepage, you can see the configuration alternative.
  2. After choosing this tab, go to device.
  3. On device you will see about option which contains details or information about your firestick.
  4. In the about section, check for system updates, if any.
  5. Your firestick will immediately load the updates and you can install them.

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Clearing app cache

Whenthere are apps installed, cache files must be in device storage. But if you don't get rid of these cache files once in a while then they create apps and increase problems in the whole app. Firestick gets stuck on login due to these cache files. So this is how you can delete all cache of Firestick TV app:

  1. The first thing anyone should do is go to the configuration alternative.
  2. In this, you need to select the Application alternative.
  3. So here you need to choose Manage installed apps.
  4. You need to choose any application from which cache files need to be removed.
  5. Use the clear cache option to uninstall cache files and keep doing this for all installed apps.

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common questions

What are some important things to remember when upgrading your Amazon Firestick?

The important thing to remember is that the firestick update will not work if it is not running on data or wifi. Once your firestick has access to the internet, the update process will continue smoothly.

(Video) Fix Fire Stick Stuck on Logo Screen (Boot Loop)

Is there a specific period when I have to update the Firestick?

Firestick has a feature that will automatically update once new updates are released. But just in case, you should keep checking and updating to avoid further complications. Be prepared with a constant internet connection during the update so that the update is not interrupted.

Does the firestick turning on and off mean it's restarting or stuck in a boot loop?

No, but it could mean an issue with the local channel you are streaming, the video you are playing, the HDMI or the video quality. If this happens repeatedly, you can change the HDMI cable. Another reason firestick blinks is that it is in setup mode.

What is the reason why my Firestick turns off?

One of the reasons could be incompatibility with the TV, but if the TV is not affected then it's just a problem for the firestick. This is not a problem for the future and is only temporary. It can be fixed by resetting or changing plugs and cables and resetting the firestick.

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(Video) Fire Stick Keeps Restarting & Won't Update - FIX


Firestick boot loop article starts here. We hope that this article has been engaging and that you have learned something interesting and useful. These are all the ways you can fix this issue more easily. If that doesn't work for you, you can also contact Amazon customer service for additional help.

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