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The PlayStation 5 comes with the latest 3D audio support, but even that doesn't sound good enough when headphones have terrible echo. Microphone echo is more common than you might think and can be a real pain in the ass. Here are some tips on how to fix PS5 microphone echo.

To fix PS5 microphone echo, try using a headset microphone and turn down both the microphone sensitivity and system volume. You can also turn off the 3D audio on the headphones and try to keep the room as quiet as possible to reduce outside noise. If the problem persists, you can reset your PS5 console.

There are several reasons why your PS5 may echo. It could be a problem with your microphone, your settings, or your driver. Maybe it's not you and your friend's microphone is causing the echo. If you're using a Bluetooth headset, the most likely culprit is interference. Let's go through each of these solutions one by one and see if we can fix microphone echo on your PS5.

What causes microphone echo on PS5?

How to fix PS5 microphone echo - Sorta Techy (1)

Echoes from microphones can originate from many different sources. It could be something you're doing, or it could be a problem with the PS5 itself. Here's a breakdown of the main sources that cause microphone echo:

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  1. Hardware causes:A poor quality or damaged earphone obviously degrades audio quality and can cause echo. This is especially true if you are using a Bluetooth headset that is prone to dropouts or interference.
  2. Incorrect settings:Microphone sensitivity plays an important role in the quality of voice input. You'll pick up a lot of background noise if it's too loud, and even slight movement can create an echo.
  3. Bad environment:When you're in a noisy room with a blaring TV or people talking around you, your microphone will have a hard time filtering out all the background noise, leading to unnecessary echoes.

    The environment matters too: if you're in a place with a lot of Wi-Fi connections or other electronic devices, they can interfere with the Bluetooth microphones and cause echoes.

  4. Defective audio input:The PS5 offers several external audio input options. If you use the headset microphone, make sure other audio sources are turned off. PS5 controller microphones are especially notorious for picking up distorted audio, and many users have had to deal with echoes as a result.

Microphone controller vs. headset with microphone

oPS5 DualSense Controller (on Amazon)It comes with a built-in microphone which is useful in certain situations. But let's be honest: they're no substitute for a proper gaming headset. A big reason is that it is inside the controller with a lot of other electronics and can therefore pick up vibrations and other noise, which increases audio quality.

Although the PS5 has some mitigating factors, such as weakening the vibration intensity, overall performance still suffers.

Gaming headsets, on the other hand, are designed specifically for voice input and do a much better job in that department, not to mention the extra features and comfort that come with them. So, if you're looking for the best audio experience, it's worth getting a gaming headset for your PS5.

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How can you fix PS5 microphone echo?

Now let's get to the main question: how to fix this annoying problem? You have a few options to try:

  • Solution 1 – Use an external microphone:The PS5 controller microphone is most likely causing an echo. Try to use a headset with a good microphone like theTurtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset (on Amazon)instead of.
  • Solution 2 – Reset the microphone sensitivity:This is the first thing to do as it is often the culprit. To reset microphone sensitivity, follow these steps:

    1) Go to Settings -> Sound -> Adjust microphone level.

    2) Select your headphones from the Output Device menu.

    3) Move the 'Microphone Level' slider to the left a notch or two and test your microphone until you find the sweet spot.

    (Video) How to STOP MIC ECHO & Adjust Headset Sound Levels on PS5 (Party Chat Volume)

  • Solution 3 – Reset the driver:Some users reported a small glitch where, despite connecting an external microphone, sometimes the controller's microphone still picks up audio and causes echoes. A quick controller reset can fix this issue:

    1) Flip the controller over, locate the small hole next to the Sony logo, and use a paper clip or toothpick to press and hold the reset button for 3-5 seconds.

    2) After the controller reboots, reconnect the external microphone (if using one) and test the microphone.

  • Solution 4 – Turn down the volume:If your speaker is too loud and leaks sounds into the microphone, it can create echoes. So make sure you keep the volume at a reasonable level. Also, move to a quieter environment, or at least further away from loud TVs.
  • Solution 5 – Restart your PS5:Sometimes a quick reset can help with various audio issues including echo issue.

Along with these fixes, there are a few other issues to watch out for:

audio input

As we mentioned before, the PS5's controller microphone isn't the best when it comes to echoes, and an external headphone jack is much better. It's also highly recommended to turn off the controller's microphone manually when using an external headset, and there are valid reasons for doing so.

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First, if you plug in headphones while the controller microphone is muted, the system will not switch the audio input to headphones only, and you can have two microphones active at the same time. Many users have shared their frustration with this "bug" and it's unclear if Sony fixed it.

Second, you miss out on some great sound enhancement features when the controller microphone is set to default. For example, the intensity of the vibration and the intensity of the wake-up effect are automatically lowered with the controller's microphone, so you can't take full advantage of the DualSense anyway.

  • To mute the controller's microphone, press the microphone button just below the PS button. You'll see it turn orange, which means the microphone is turned off.
  • To completely turn off the controller microphone, go to Settings -> Sound -> Microphone and change the microphone state to mute.

3D audio and microphone controller

A major selling point of the PS5 is its 3D audio support, which is certainly impressive technology and greatly enhances the gaming experience. The bad news, though, is that not all headphones support 3D audio, and when you use it with a controller microphone, it just doesn't work well.

In fact, it can actually create more echoes. So if you are having problems with echoes, try disabling 3D audio.

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  • Go to Settings -> Sound -> Audio output.
  • Scroll down to the Headphones section and uncheck the "Enable 3D Audio" option.

Troubleshooting Tips

In addition to all the technical solutions we mentioned above, here are some more general tips that can help you solve your echo problem:

  1. If you are using a headset microphone, make sure it is positioned correctly and not too close to your mouth. Speak normally and don't yell into the microphone.
  2. Avoid background noise and try to move to a quieter place if possible.
  3. A pop filter can also help reduce noise and plosives that cause echoes.
  4. Check if your controller has low battery. A dying driver can also have sound issues.
  5. Wireless interference can also cause audio dropouts; So if you're using a wireless headset, try moving it closer to the PS5 and remove all obstacles between them.
  6. Some games have their own audio options that you can adjust. So, if you are having issues with a specific game, please also check the game's settings.
  7. Make sure your PS5 console is updated to the latest firmware version.


Why is my PS5 mic echoing so much? ›

To fix this, simply lowering the audio output levels can solve this, or altering the chat-game audio balance. The easiest way to do this is to hit the PS Button on your DualSense and go to the Sound options. Here, you can adjust the audio output, and re-balance your chat-game audio if either one is too loud.

How do I fix an echoey mic? ›

Lower your speaker volume to reduce the echo. If your microphone or audio device is near a wall or other reflective surface that does not absorb sound, consider moving the microphone or changing its direction away from the reflective surface to reduce potential echoes.

Why is my mic causing an echo? ›

Echo is when the sound from the speaker comes back into the microphone. This often happens because the microphone and speaker are placed too close together, causing you to hear yourself on a slight delay after you speak. To fix echoing on a video call, start by looking at your audio settings.

Why can I hear myself in my mic? ›

This is usually because you've enabled microphone monitoring on your device. This is a feature that loops your mic input straight to your speakers or headphones, allowing you to see how you sound.

How do I stop my PlayStation headset from echoing? ›

Check your Audio Output

Simply turn the headset volume down to reduce the echo and unwanted noise. If you cannot hear your teammates, you might need to adjust your microphone sensitivity or game mix levels in the control panel or settings menu.

Why can I hear my own mic ps5? ›

Go to Settings > Sound > Audio Output. With 'Adjust Microphone Level', you change the transmission volume of your microphone. That way, you can make yourself clearly understandable for others. With 'Sidetone Volume', you can adjust how loudly you hear yourself.


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