How to fix Shark robot vacuum cleaner error 9? - (Fix in minutes!) (2023)

Having trouble with Shark Robot Vacuum error 9? Here is the solution!

All error codes displayed by Shark Vacuum Cleaner have a reasonable explanation for their appearance.

Or it will be the battery, some of the cleaning components, or in some cases, the storage of the robot.

In this guide, we will learn how to identify and resolve error 9 in Shark!

To fix Shark Robot Vacuum error 9, quickly tap the bumper several times, then press the "CLEAR" button. Next, power cycle the robot, empty the trash can, and do a thorough inspection of the robot's cliff sensors.

What is Shark Error 9 in Shark Robot?

How to fix Shark robot vacuum cleaner error 9? - (Fix in minutes!) (1)

In the most concise way possible,error 9 means the bumper does not move freely!

That's when your sharkrobot vacuum cleaneryou are not eligible to move your cleaning pieces correctly and therefore collect dust from all areas.

On some occasions, error 9 can be very easy to fix.(hitting the bumper several times)or, it may take a while.

When diagnosing a specific error code on your device, it could be due to a hardware or software malfunction.

In the case of error 9 on your Shark Robot Vacuum, this error is caused by ahardware failureI likebumper.

Now that we know where the problem comes from, let's solve it in minutes!

How to fix Shark robot vacuum cleaner error 9?

How to fix Shark robot vacuum cleaner error 9? - (Fix in minutes!) (2)

Most of the solutions have been suggested by other Shark Robot users experiencing the same error code on their devices.

This will verify that you will end up fixing the error with your Shark vacuum, so without further ado, let's get down to business!

Solution #1 Tap the bumper multiple times

As we clarify,error number 9 is a mechanical problem with your shark.

More precisely, if your Shark Robot's bumper is prevented from moving freely, this error will result.

The first and easiest solution ishit the bumper several times, in order to drop all the debris and possible blockages of the mechanism.

How to fix Shark robot vacuum cleaner error 9? - (Fix in minutes!) (3)
  • Put your Roomba upside down andshake bumperseveral times. press "CLEAN \ CLEAN" To end

You'll know the bumper has been prevented from moving freely if multiple pieces of debris have fallen out as a result of jarring and jolting.

Also, make sure your engine is running properly,triggering the automated movement by itself.

Observation: The bumper must be able to make circular movements around the robot at all times.

Solution #2: Power cycle the robot

How to fix Shark robot vacuum cleaner error 9? - (Fix in minutes!) (4)

The following solution involves apower cyclein his Robot Shark.

It is an easy process to do and most of the time it would help your robot to solve all kinds of error codes.

What Power Cycle does is completely discharge the electricity from your Shark Robot, in order to update the software.

Although error 9 is strictly related to the robot mechanism, aa good burst of power can help get the robot going.

How to turn the robot shark on and off:

  1. flip your sharkhead down.
  2. find thepower switch.
  3. to tightpower switchfor2-3 seconds.
  4. wait for the robotDelete.
  5. wait at least60 seconds.
  6. Connect the robot to acharging dockof unoCharger.
  7. Let the robot stay on the charger for 3-5 minutes.
  8. Turn it off and try.

In addition, the low electrical capacity of the robot's battery can also lead to various motor-related errors.

Let the device charge for at least50%.

Observation: Keeping the robot turned off longer will result in a better power cycle!

Solution #3 Empty Trash

How to fix Shark robot vacuum cleaner error 9? - (Fix in minutes!) (5)

Maybe error 9 is related togarbageRobot Shark Matters.

  • The trash can is being collected at the Shark Robot charging base

Many users have suggested to empty the trash from their Shark Robot and try to use the robot without any errors.

The flush doesn't take long, here's how it's done:

  1. Let the robot surrender to theCharging station.
  2. to tight "CLEAN \ CLEANButtonin the robot discharges all the dust.
  3. empty thepull-out binfrom the charging station.
  4. Take the robot out of the charging station.
  5. Try to use the device.

Normally, every time the robot finishes its cleaning journey through your home, it automatically delivers it to the cleaning station and unloads it.

However, if the robot is prevented from doing so,it will not empty the recycle bin and will result in errors.

If emptying the trash didn't help, let's learn more ways to fix it.error about the shark 9!

Solution #4 Restore the functionality of the cliff sensors

How to fix Shark robot vacuum cleaner error 9? - (Fix in minutes!) (6)

robot sharkError 9 can also be caused byObstruction in cliff sensors!

If these devices have lost their functionality, the robot will refuse to clean and will give errors 6, 7, anderror 9.

However, restoring the functionality of these cliff sensors is relatively easy, as theyrestrict surrounding and environmental objectsthis can cause this problem.

  • Place your Shark Robot away from stairs and steep surfaces. clean your hardware

You must ensure that all hardware components on the bottom of your Shark Robot and cliff sensors are completely free of debris.

Only then should you test the robot and try to use it to clean your house, on its usual scheduled route.

Observation: If the cliff sensors work, the robot will stop on stairs and steep places!

Solution #5 Change the cleaning schedule

How to fix Shark robot vacuum cleaner error 9? - (Fix in minutes!) (7)

Maybe the bumpers on your Shark cleaner arecannot run cleanup program.

In that sense, it would only be reasonable to alternate the path of your Robot Shark and where it is going.

The Shark Bot must avoid all kinds of objects that could interrupt the cleaning or trigger the impact of the Cliff Sensors.

make a safe path, just to test your robot and determine if it will start and not show error 9 on your dashboard.

  • Launch the Shark app, go to “Schedules” and create a new path!

After creating the new route, make sure to select it as current; otherwise, the robot will start cleaning at the previous time.

Check if this still shows error "9".

Observation: If the robot works, please go back to the previous programming and set it again for safety.

Solution #6 Shark Robot factory reset

How to fix Shark robot vacuum cleaner error 9? - (Fix in minutes!) (8)

If the Shark 9 error still occurs, you should do afactory resetin your robot.

The Shark Robot must be added to theion applicationto trigger a reset

This will verify that all software settings and hardware regiment are functional as they will all be returned to factory settings.

You can activate a factory reset on your robot,selecting settingswithin the ION app on your mobile device.

Let's learn how:

  1. throw theShark ION Appon your mobile device.
  2. navigate toDefinitions.
  3. Direct to "factory reset”.
  4. Choose "select”.
  5. press "confirmed" To start thefactory reset.
  6. Expect…

Once your robot enters factory reset mode, it will take approximately3-5 minutesto complete the process.

Please do not interact with the device for now to avoid canceling the reset by mistake.

Some users accidentally cancel the reset by pressing "CLEAN \ CLEAN”.

Observation: Once your robot has finished rebooting, you'll need to set it up in the Shark app.

quick summary:

So, to fix error 9 in Shark Robot Vacuum, restart the robot and tap on the bumper to clear it of debris. Then, move the vacuum away from steep surfaces/stairs and empty the container. As a last resort,factory resetor Shark Vacuum Cleaner Robot.


In this guide, you learned how to fixShark Robot Vacuum Error 9in the easiest way possible.

If by any chance the "9" error is still occurring on your Shark robot vacuum, you should contact the dealer and verify that their warranty is intact.

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How do I fix error 9 on Shark robot? ›

Error nine (9) means the bumper is stuck and is not moving freely. Briskly tap the bumper several times to dislodge any debris that may be trapped underneath, and then press CLEAN to restart. If no debris is found, it is also possible the bumper could be dislodged from the robot. Use dislodged bumper to troubleshoot.

What is error code 9 in Shark? ›

An error code 9 means that the program is unable to locate the user data folder numbershark-shared, which is located on your server and created when you run the MSI (Stage 1 of the network instructions). This is normally due to: incorrect sharing/security.

Why does my Shark robot keep saying theres an obstruction? ›

A: That means the dirt container which is in the robot NOT the dirt collection bin has something stuck INSIDE. You need to remove that dirt container, open, clean and throw any trash in it. Helpful?

What is a error code 9? ›

Error code 9 means that the config app (the GUI) stopped the main process (the Core). This could be because something went wrong, or because it was manually stopped by clicking the Stop button. User clicked Stop or Restart. Server or client mode was switched, and the Start button was clicked.

How do I fix error codes? ›

Additional resources
  1. Build your code.
  2. Review the Error List.
  3. Use code analysis.
  4. Use Quick Actions to fix or refactor code.
  5. Run Code Cleanup.
  6. Debug your running code.
  7. Run unit tests.
  8. See also.
Sep 1, 2022

Where is the shark reset button? ›

To reset your shark vacuum, put the Power button in the On-Off position and keep the vacuum unplugged. If necessary, clear the hose. Once it has cooled completely, plug the vacuum back in again. Our virtual experts can diagnose your issue and resolve simple problems.

Why is the max button flashing on my shark robot vacuum? ›

CLEAN (RED) + MAX flashing together The dust bin has been removed and needs to be reinserted. MAX + ! flashing together A side brush is stuck. Remove debris from side brushes.

How do I reset my shark lift? ›

In order to reset the Motor Thermostat:
  1. Move the power button to the “O-Off” position.
  2. Unplug the vacuum.
  3. Check for a clogged hose or filter; unclog the hose and replace the filter.
  4. Wait 45 minutes for the vacuum to cool; then plug in the vacuum.
  5. Turn the power switch to the “I-On” position to start the vacuum.

Why is my Shark Ion robot clean flashing red and dock flashing blue? ›

If the Clean RED/DOCK lights are flashing together, then the cliff sensors may have malfunctioned. To fix this error, clean the cliff sensors.

How do I reconnect my shark robot to the Internet? ›

Exit the app and open Wi-Fi settings. Select your robot (Shark_RVXXX) from the drop-down menu. Exit settings and return to the Shark Clean app. Select your home Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi password.


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