How to save Instagram stories with the best viewer of IG history in 2022 (2023)

As an Instagram daily user, you must have thought aboutHow to save Instagramsconservativethe highlighted aspects.

InstagramsConservatives will not remain available foreverAnd the maximum time you can see in your feed is 24 hours.miEven if you discover an interestingsToryAreExcept in the highlights, it will not be easy to investigate in all slidesEvery timeAnd see them.

On the other hand, Instagram does not offer any resource to download its content on the cell phonesthe PKs.

UEIn this article, we will discussHow to save Instagramsconservativeand outstanding aspectsusing different methods and present it toThe best IG toolIt helps you, not only with the download of stories, but also withPublications schedule.

So let's dive!

Professional Council: If you are looking for a quick way to download stories and most outstanding aspects of Instagram, omits the article and useAisCedul Story E highlights spectator and downloader.


I can save someone's Instagram

Instagram history has more than 500 million active users per day, EThe competition forGet more visits to historyIt is becoming intense.

Therefore, many people can find InstagramsConservatives so interesting that they want to save them, but they may not even know if it is possible or not.

We will go,There is no way to downloadInstagramsConservatives within the application.However, some third -party applications offer useful services to save InstagramsConservatives and prominent aspects.

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How to save Instagram stories

Forlearnhow to savesconservativeSin Instagram, you need to look for aof trustThird -party application that works correctlyfor this purpose.A follow -up, we presentYou for the easiest way to download free stories.

1. History of Instagram of Aischedul and outstanding downloader

AischedulIt is a reliable management tool with many characteristics that facilitate the creation of its strategy and significantly better performance.

In addition to many features and plans that it offers to users, Aishedul is also an Instagram Stories protector, since it offers the opportunity to download how many stories and highlights free of charge, without limitations of any number.

In addition, your name will not appear inList of Story Story Instagram SpectatorsEven if you see a story a thousand times in Aishedul.

Now follow the instructions below on how to save Instagram stories in Aishedul:

  • First,Click hereTo go directly to the discharge page of the history of Aishedul Instagram.
  • Then write your destination username in the search bar that appears at the top of the page and touch 'search'.
  • Here, you will see all the stories and prominent aspects of this specific user.In each story, you will have "download" and "repost" options.
  • Finally, to download any story, click "Download".

Remember that this only works for public accounts and you cannot download private stories in Aishedul.

[Even if you can download private accounts using other third -party applications, keep in mind that you are violatingInstagram community guidelines.And Instagram is strict in keeping the private information of its users safe.

Therefore, if someone uses applications that transgress these rules, Instagram will block their actions or completely prohibit their accounts.]

However, the good news is that you getSee Instagram's stories anonymouslyin public accounts as often as you want.

In the next section, we will tell you how to save and transmit stories in Aishedul.

How to save and convey stories in Aischedul

AischedulDownloader Make Instagram HistoryIt is easy to use and significantly effectivePartar and Repositing to others users of II.

ForReposition the stories of other users in your feed, however, you must click on the 'Reposte' option to use this function on your IG, first, you needSubscribe to Aishedul.The following is a simple guide forhow to saveand passInstagramsconservativeat the same time.

After youSubscribe to Aishedul, add your Instagram toesControl Panel.

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  • Then open theAishedul history downloaderand only look for the username whosesTory what do you want to downloador pass.

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  • Now,overcome 'repost' under the planned story,You directlyGo to 'pass throughsconservative' page on your panel andYou can publish it immediately or schedule later. Oriñonal, So, You also cancliqueI 'ddescargar'To save them on your PC or cell phone.

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In addition, Aishedul offers much more, instead of just showing youHow to save Instagramsconservative.For example, Aishedul isone of the bestInstagram schedules, so you canSchedule all your publications on InstagramontuFeed, History or IGTV and publish them automatically on their Instagram profile.

Aischedul resources

Here are some more resources to use aischedul for:

  • Schedule its content to eliminate after a period.
  • UseMonitoring and analytical toolnoListen and transfer'Guide to evaluate your performance usinghashtags, mentions, save media and your account.
  • Create a contest with thePublish and rewardfunctionality
  • Share multiple links to your biography.
  • Hashtags gerrarusrelevant to your publications.
  • Publish a YouTube video directly on your feed without lowering it.

Aishedul prices

Here is why we love Aishedul.Offers all possible resources to increase your Instagram profile to a limited number of times to use to useFRee!However, if you still want more than the free package with less limitations, you can see the price table of the AGENDER plans below.

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2. Download the story of Ig

If you are looking for a third -party application just to save InstagramsConservatives, is anothertoolYou can use it.All you need to do is insert the username and click on the download button.Then selectOS sconservativeoHighlight to save it on your PC, Mobile or Mac.

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DescargarIn gInstagramHlights

Basically, if you want to download a highlight on Instagram, the relevant account must be public.

HBefore it is likeDownload the most prominent aspects of Instagramand aischedul.

  • As mentioned above,Subscribe to Aishedulfree and add your Instagram profile to the panel.Then go toAishedul history downloaderand look for the user's name.
  • Now you just need to go down to see the most prominent aspects.

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  • Finally, open any highlight that you want and download or passsTord what you want.

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Congratulation to you!Now, you dominatedHow to save another person's Instagram reflexes on your device.

Alternatively, if you use, follow this guide toHow to save Instagram storiesAnd the highlight forever.

  • Enter the username in the field on the website and click Download.

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  • Then move down and selectShowHlights.'You can choose to see the safesConservatives of any prominent point you want.

How to save Instagram stories with the best viewer of IG history in 2022 (10)

  • Now use the same strategy toUnión lightsFor your device.sTory you want and clickSave like a photo.'

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I likeSCRAVInstagram history videos

As you know, there are different types of content that can publish on your InstagramsConservatives as photos or videos.However, the solution is the same.

In Aischedul, you don't have to do anything different. The images and videos will be downloaded exactly in the same way.After,SUBSCRIBE FREE IN AISCHEDULAnd do the following:

  • First,Click hereAnd write your destination username in the search bar that appears at the top of the page and touch 'search'.
  • Then, to see and save any video story on your device, click "Download" on them.

And done!Saving stories in Aishedul is as easy as the previous instruction.

In addition, at, you must follow the same procedure as to save Instagram photossConservativesThe only difference is clickingSave as a video'In the last step.

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Frequently ask how to keep stories and outstanding aspects on Instagram

Now that you know how to use Instagram photos and videos, it is time to learn how to save the outstanding aspects and Ig stories using other third -party applications or applications solutions.

#1 How to keep stories on Instagram automatically after publishing them

If you want to save stories on your device automatically after publishing them, do the following:

  1. First, open its Instagram application and touch the history camera on its home page in the top left-hand corner.
  2. Then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Now you will see three options here: History, Rolls and Live.
  4. To save stories, touch 'History' and find the 'Save' section.
  5. Finally, know'Save the history of the gallery' and 'Save the history to archive'.

Note: The option 'Save History to Archive' is for the time you want to save a story in the IG Applications file.

You can also save coils and lives on your device and the Instagram application, respectively, following the steps below:

  1. Return to the page that can find 'History', 'Bobs' and' LIVE'.Inse the last two options.
  2. In the "reels" section, ATLEE in "Save rolls on the device" and the "live" section, throw "save live to archive".

#2 How to save stories on Instagram manually after publishing them

When you want to save some stories on your device and discard other people, it is better to reduce them manually after publishing them.How to save Instagram stories in the camera roll:

  1. First, open your published stories.
  2. Then choose the story you want to save and select the "More" button in the lower right corner.
  3. Touch 'Store' (iPhone) The 'Store Photo/Video' (Android).
  4. Touch Save Photo/Video 'to store this specific image or video' Save History 'to download all stories as a single video.

#3 How to save stories on Instagram without publishing it

You can take photos or videos using the Instagram camera, but do not publish them in its history.All you need to do is take a photo or video and play the download button at the top.

You can also return after finishing recording videos or taking photos.Then, Instagram asks if you must discard/save it as a draft or cancel your action.On your device.

#4 How to save music in Instagram stories using aischedul

Whenever you use the updated Instagram version on your iPhone, you can save music in your IG stories through the official application.

Simply open your Instagram story and follow the instructions:

  • After adding the music to your photo or video, click on the three points in the upper right corner and touch "Save".

Saving Instagram stories with music is only available for iPhones.You have no options on Android phones to save stories with attached music.

However, there is still another way to save Instagram stories with music usingThe Store of Instagram AISCHEDIL AND SEARDIt is clear that you can only keep stories and prominent Instagram of public accounts.Here we show you how to do it:

  1. First,Click hereand write your destination username in the search bar you see.
  2. Then touch 'search'.
  3. Finally, you can download stories and prominent aspects of this user playing the "Download" button in each story and highlight.

#5 How to save stories in the Instagram file

As you can keep stories in the gallery, you also have the opportunity to save them in your Instagram file.As Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours and cannot keep it forever in your feed], you can verify and even highlight them later.A lot of time if you only enable the option 'Save History to archive' to see all its stories sent to the IG file, do the following:

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile and touch the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose 'Archive' and touch the arrow down at the top of the page and select 'History file'.

Now, if you want to see if this file option is active in your account or not:

  1. Touch the three points in the upper right corner of the screen and select 'configuration'.
  2. Finally, alternate in the option "Save History to archive".

[Of course, with respect to our search, the file option is active in all accounts by default.]

How to save the old Instagram stories of the file

Now that you know how to consult your IG file, it's time to learnHow to save old stories on Instagram in your gallery.

To download videos and archived photos:

  1. Go to Configuration> File> History File.
  2. Then sail to the photo or video you want to save.
  3. Touch the 'More' button in the lower right of the screen and select 'Save photo/video'.

#6 How to save Instagram stories for outstanding aspects

An effective way of maintaining a story in your feed is to create the most prominent and add their stories.Here we show you how to do it:

  • First, open your story or go to your file and touch the stories saved.
  • Then click on the highlight icon at the bottom.
  • Finally, select a prominent category or simply touch 'Add Novo'.

Nice job!Now you know how to save an Instagram story on Instagram, adding it to your most prominent aspects.

#7 How to save other people's Instagram stories for screen recording

To save the stories of other users, you can take captures of photo screen or record on the desired video screen.As mentioned above, Instagram takes measures against those who violate their terms of use.Private and publish it in your feed, Instagram will act and act and ban your account.

However, if you like to see a story and just have it on your device, you can record it on your Android or iOS phone.

1. How to save other people's Instagram stories on Android

If your phone admits Android 11, you can record your screen simply by accessing the fast settings.To find fast settings, slide the notification bar and do the following;

  • Look for the "screen record" icon and click on it.If you have trouble finding the icon, choose the pencil button and drag the 'screen record' at the top.
  • Now your phone requests permission.You can record audio using a microphone, device audio or even both/none.In addition, it can activate 'Show Touch on the screen' [especially when you want to record a tutorial for later use].
  • Then, a three -second timer starts and everything on the screen is recorded thereafter.
  • To finish your recording, slide the notification bar again and click 'Touch to stop'.

For phones that support other versions of Android, there are many applications inGoogle PlayThat can find, simply investigating "screen record."

2. How to save other people's Instagram stories on iPhone

The advantage of iPhones on Android devices is that screen recording is available for all its devices by default.You only need to add 'screen recording' to your control center in your configuration and follow the steps below:

  • First, slide on the bottom of the screen to go to the control center.
  • Then click on the circular registration button and touch "Start short".
  • After a countdown three seconds, recording begins.
  • Finally, to stop the recording, slide up and go to the control control and click the recording button.


Now that he is familiar with different types of Instagram savesConservatives, you just need to choose your approach.Therefore, you can also think about how to put the content in good use, in particular as a repostonAischedul.


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