Stop posting about baller meme lyrics (2023)

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It is hotStop posting memes about Balleron!

Songtext von Lil' Troy - Wanna Be A Baller
187 thugs, oh yeah we got love Blows sticky green we flow through and up Wanna be a ball player Sagittarius? Twenty inch blades on the Impala Call 'em have sex tonight how to fly But there's gotta be a better way! A better way, a better way, yeah [Lil' Will:]

I wish I was a little taller, I wish I was a basketball player, I wish I had a good looking girl. I would say I wish I had a rabbit with a hat and a bat. And a six-four impala. I wish I was like six foot nine. So that I can be with Leoshi. Because she doesn't know me, but she's fine.

Songtext von Puff Daddy - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
(feat. Mase) [Puff] Bad boy... we won't stop [Verse 1: Mase] Now with Sean on the track hot, melt like hot wax Shut it down, all the stores I bet you could buy this ( that's right) Drop a black man in a hot hat, front like bad boy ain't got no clues (nigga stop that) Ain't a nigga smoother than that flying young black man

Seven Lions - Stop Thinking
stop thinking stop thinking you can make me better stop thinking stop thinking you can make me better places i didn't need where they knew me. This is on a need-to-know basis. I look forward to all your moments of self-reflection.

Unlike Pluto - As They Bloom Lyrics
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. Don't let that seduce you. Don't get bitten. Ooh, he wants to trick you. It stings you if you touch it. Razor-sharp flowers, while they bloom, bloom. Bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom. The colors that go through, through, through are delicate.

(Video) STOP POSTING ABOUT BALLER | With lyrics :) 🏀

Lyrics of Drakeo The Ruler - Stop Me
Drakeo The Ruler Lyrics "Stop Me" (feat. Ralfy the Plug) We know the truth Thank you hiss I'm in another moment of time when I'm crawling in the dark In the dirt like Tonka with the stripes, how did I get Em nor Foreign whip-beaters. I've never driven a bottommbile.

Disturbed - Imparable Songtext
Disturbed Lyrics "Unstoppable" You'll never stop me I'm the nightmare you dreamed of And the day is coming Let me show you what I'm made of This is just the beginning Your whole is justified Let me tell you that you are something There's no more place to hide Justice will be mine You can be sure That sound of your heartbeat

Lewis Capaldi - Forget Me Lyrics and Translation of the song.
"Forget Me" Lyrics Lewis Capaldi "Forget Me" Lyrics The days hurt and the nights are long Two years and you're still not gone, honey, you're still holding on. You told your friends you wanted me dead. And you said that I did everything wrong. And you're not wrong

Lyrics of Meghan Trainor - Bad For Me
Jonas Brothers - "Sucker" Let's go together Better than birds of a feather, you and me We change the weather, yeah I feel hot in December when you're around I've been dancing on cars and tripping out of bars ME. ..

(Infinity) (I love you, Atake) The other day, a white guy came up to me and said, "Hey, you wanna hang out sometime?" And I said, "Yeah sure, can you send me a picture?" White collared shirt, white shoes, white jeans, it's a white perfume (All my diamonds are white but I'm not racist)

Lyrics and TranslationOfficer Pirelli Schools The Rookie (Diálogo)
In the damn hood, damn black. [Pirelli official:] Let me show you how we deal with strong people. [Rookie Officer:] Damn that damn strong man. [Pirelli Official:] What are you gonna do, electrocute him? Give me the [*grabs and swings novice pistol*] Okay, Coop, that's enough, let it go.

Fragma - Shine On Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
DJ Sammy & Yanou - "Heaven" Baby you're all I want When you lay here in my arms (My arms) I find it hard to believe (Believe) We're in heaven We're in heaven Oh when I think of ours younger years think there was just...

G Herbo - Rumors lyrics and translation of the song.
Get up, wait for a black He didn't put you in position, now you hate a black And you can get cut like the Lakers want a black. Bet a side pair and reduce to black It's time to play. You think it's time to play. Put a blazer on a nigga and my pup get cut like I put razors on my niggas

(Video) STOP posting about BALLER-lyrics

Beyoncé - Church Girl Lyrics and Translation of the song.
Church girls act loose, bad girls act snotty uh) I said now fool him, fool him you can be my daddy if you want (you bad)

Lyrics 'What are you gonna do to me?'
There is no way to stop a man in love. what are you gonna do to me All you wanted was a one night stand The fire of wine and a man's touch But I fell in love and baby here I am What will you do to me? You can change your number, you can change your name, you can ride like hell on a midnight train, it's alright mom, it's alright, but what ya gonna do?

Post Malone - I like you (a happier song) lyrics and translation of the song.
i like you i do We go to bed in France and then wake up in Japan. I like you, I like you, mmm Oh girl I know you only like fantasies (Fancy) So I'll stop on that Maybach candy. Yeah, your boyfriend will never understand me (Understand) 'Cause I'm about to throw his girl like a hammy, hammy (Wow), let's take a little bath, lil' lady.

Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar - Count Me Out
With the mistakes I made, that's one of you now With the father, the son, until then, I'm fighting rain on me, blame me, it's my fault, I hurt myself, I'm ashamed that I'm six got magazines addressed to me I did all the magazines what is fame to me? It's a game for me, where is the bedroom? Sleep, I didn't have to exert myself with it

MIST - Notify Me Songtext
I came from the rain, not the damn blue. Why they always notice me, like Kodak, I can't even roll in peace (Roll in peace) Why they always troll me, you little motherfucker, you just held on (Whoa) Why they always notice me, like Kodak, I can't roll in peace (roll in peace) why am i always trolled, you little bastard, you...?

Lyrics of Post Malone - Reputation
I'll take my own life just to save yours (just to save yours) I'll take my own life just to save yours. I have a reputation I can't deny. You're the superstar, entertain us (entertain us) Cut off my thumb. Count my check, count my check Let me choke on my cigarettes, cigarettes cut my thumb Count my check, count my check

Jacob Sartorius - Planet Lonely lyrics and translation of the song.
Ricky Dillon - "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" Don't Stop Bang Me Like Through A Dumb Phone Have you ever wished I would? Single is the way to go I don't wanna fall in love on Lo-lo-lo-lo-love California's hottest,... 5Quad - "Wifi Wifey" Do you double tap like me? If I'm traveling you can talk to me on Skype. I will follow you if you follow me...

Songtext von Post Malone - Cooped Up
Now I have to get back to the surface and yes we're about to toast to all the bread we're burning because I've been feeling trapped. I was locked up the fuck Don't light the bourbon I could cut the roof off the Suburban I tried Bia Nice Guy, John Terzian Until I started throwing up in your Birkin Then I woke up in the morning

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Drakeo The Ruler - John Lennon Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
It's not enough to stop me. You may also like Yhung T.O. - "Hennessy Nights" Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes , yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I lost some niggas on the streets so I slide for them I feel lonely in this world. Who can I rely on? Yes, yes, a young black man...

LyricsImperceptible Imposter (Among Us) -
I'm a fake scammer. Obviously I'm not a scammer. Honestly, I should just throw them all away like a rotten salad. Any evidence against me is anything but valid. As if I would never break your neck or stab you in the back. Or climb up the smallest shaft, attack. A cheater is a role he could never fill.

Drakeo The Ruler - Ask permission for the lyrics and translation of the song.
Lyrics of Drakeo The Ruler. "Ask for permission." On the dance floor, with Phineas n Ferb on his back, Jiggy does a tricky dance move to check for tattoos. Opps are disregarded or smoked like a pack coo or maybe Newport I guess I can say that too. You see his face, he was running, he was skipping like a raccoon, different sticks, he was doing somersaults when I hit them...

Tate McRae what would you do? text
I'll go out and kiss your friends Like oh my god get over it Yeah get drunk 'til you forget I left What would you do if I left and didn't come back? I hope it breaks you in two If I gave you back all the pain you caused me What would you do? Ooh-ooh-ooh what would you do? Ooh-ooh-ooh what would you do? send corrections

Pia Toscano - lyrics and translation of the song.
When the rain stops washing us, yeah 'cause we're suffocating, and in this perfect storm, only we can fix the mess we're making, tears evaporate, we can stop the thunder, burn away all the pain, in the air, in the air, in the air the air we can cure the madness watch it go away in the thin air in the thin air whoa whoa whoa in the thin air whoa whoa whoa...

Kendrick Lamar - Rich Spirit Songtext
Stop play me before I turn you into a song (Yeah) Stop play me before I turn you into a song (Ooh) Ayy, bitch, I'm attractive (Ah) I can't take you anymore fuck, i'm fasting, ugh (ooh) bitch, i'm attractive (ah, ah, ah, ah) i can't fuck with you anymore, i'm fasting, ugh morale can wait low latency feedback

Westside Gunn - Super Kick Party lyrics
Leather on Marni slippers, great deal. The judge wanna send me over the hill like Jack, Jill (Ah) Really catch up with your life. We dance in pants, we clean bricks in Louis scarves. Mossberg in the old Nugget, looks like movie stars. My starting lineup got five guards, you damn niggas are Moulinyans (brr)

Pia Toscano - Simon Sez lyrics and translation of the song.
If Simon says turn on, then turn on. Simon says get paid, then you'll get paid better. Simon says give love all over the world. Simon says lie down, then you better lie down. Everyone is like a robot. On an assembly line. You never worry. To what they do in life. But get a piece of that hard-on.

(Video) STOP POSTING ABOUT BALLER | 1 Hour Version

'Cause she'll never meet a black guy like me And I'll never meet a girl like you. And you'll never meet a black guy like me And I'll never meet a girl like you. Kings and Queens, Afro Descendants. VIP entrance, my love for you is endless. I'm just a G with some feelings, my girl is the realest. You're like a drug and I feel like...

G Herbo - Survivor's Other Songtext
So I'm in a bad mood, going through different moods and stuff. It's getting different, I don't even know how, I feel like I used to, no, I'm not so black anymore. You won't find it, you'll only find me, huh. The nigga you used to know, nigga you used to look for used to blow whistles and roll dice

Fuck a black bitch I'm a gentleman (21) 21, your bitch know I was the man (21) that play with the rock like I'm a jigga man. You have to look black in your eyes when you kill a man. Glock on my lap, everywhere I'm strapped in Most of these rappers cover up, I don't give a fuck. Glenwood on the ground, used to steal and catch. Big Money, Shaq, Choppa Balls, Splat.

Afroman - I Need $ Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
Savage - "Swing" Oh shit, shake that ass Mama, shake it like a gypsy, stop, wait, go back Now let me see your hips swing Oh shit, shake that ass Mama, shake it like a gypsy. Stop, wait, back. Now show me your... DMX - "Party Up" Uh... UH! .. IMPRESSIVE! You're gonna drive me insane. up HERE, up here. They will make me give up everything.

Drakeo The Ruler - Hang With The Opps Lyrics
Stick with the opps, they gon' kill you with the opps, you fuckin' nigga Stick with the opps, they will kill you with the opps. It's 2021 and niggas still broke nigga, we don't do opps We don't do niggas that hang out with 'em, deal with 'em Black, we don't give a fuck about the black Yeah, we'll put you in that coffin too.

Kenny Mason - Westside Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
circles. What a beautiful sky to die for with the sun above me. I know the power within me. But if I take another cave immediately, I'll be a cave higher than I want to be. I want to go but I don't want to go. It will always be another block to be a gang. Be another opportunity, be another stain. Be a different cop, be a different case.

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