Troubleshooting Shark Vacuum: How to fix Shark problems (2023)

Regardless of the brand, chances are you'll have some troubleshooting issues with your vacuum at some point in its lifespan.

Shark is no different, but the good news is that most vacuum problems are easy to fix. So before you panic and think you need to buy a new vacuum cleaner, take a look at these common problems and their solutions.

Why is my Shark vacuum no longer working?

If your Shark vacuum has stopped working, there are a few possible reasons. If it doesn't turn on, it could be one of the following issues:

  • Do not connect the socket correctly
  • The fuse has blown and needs to be replaced.
  • Power button not pressed (more often than you think)

If you experience a loss of suction when the vacuum is turned on, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • The dust container is full and needs to be emptied
  • The vacuum cleaner is clogged
  • Filters need to be cleaned
  • The hose is damaged
  • The engine has failed

Clean the Shark vacuum filter

Cleaning your Shark vacuum filtersCleaner is a pretty simple task. If you have oneoi kableyou can remove the stick and open the compartment on the front of the machine. The filter is saved here.

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On corded Shark models, you'll need to remove the dustbin from the main body to reveal the compartment where the filter is stored. Below you will also find the engine andHEPA filter, each of which is washable.

Filter washing is exactly the same for each type of vacuum cleaner. Rinse under cold running water, making sure dust and dirt are completely removed.

All removable filters are machine washable and only need to dry for 24 hours afterwards. They need to be completely dry before putting them back in the machine, so be sure to check.

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As an important note, you should check the filter once a month to see if it needs washing. Shark recommends washing them monthly and it's a good idea to stick to it to keep your machine healthy. An empty filter can cause the vacuum cleaner to malfunction.

How to Remove the Rotating Brush from the Shark Vacuum

This is another quick and easy maintenance task. The soft roller gets dusty very quickly, and if you want it to work at its best, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Just follow these simple steps:

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#1 Turn off the power and unplug your Shark vacuum.

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#2 Remove the nozzle from the main floor of the machine so that it stands on its own. This makes accessing the roll much easier.

Troubleshooting Shark Vacuum: How to fix Shark problems (7)

#4 Clip the hair away from the brush bar located behind the roller to keep up with cleaning.

Using a knob on the side of the nozzle, slide the brush roll out so it is no longer attached to the vacuum. You can then wipe off the dust and dirt.

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#5 If it's really bad, you can rinse it under cold running water to really clean it. If you do, it must be completely dry before you put it back in place.

After cleaning, slide the brush roll back into place and make sure it clicks into place. You can then put the cover back on and reassemble the vacuum.

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum Hose

A dirty hose can cause blockages and loss of suction, which is why maintenance is so important. Fortunately, it doesn't take much to get your hose looking and smelling like new again. Here are some simple steps you can follow.

#1Turn on the hot water tap and rinse the hose thoroughly inside and out. Then bend the hose into a U-shape as it fills with water. Use your hands to close each end while shaking vigorously to remove loose dirt and debris.

#2Take a bowl and add three tablespoons of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar before mixing. Then hold the U-shaped hose again and pour the mixture. You will notice that it will start to bubble and bubble - that's good. Cover the ends and shake well again.

#3Pour the mixture down the drain and then rinse with cold water. Not only will this remove virtually all dirt, but it will also neutralize bad odors. When the hose is completely dry, you can put it back in the vacuum and use it again.

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Note that some Shark vacuums have electrical components in the hose. This means that these models cannot be submerged in water, as this would damage the wires. Check which model you have before deciding to wash the interior.

How to Reset a Shark Vacuum Motor

Restarting the Shark Vac engine only requires five very simple steps.

#1Turn off the device with the button on your Shark vacuum cleaner.

#2Unplug your Shark vacuum cleaner from the mains.

#3Check if the hose and filter are clogged. You can unclog the hose and wash (or replace) the filter when it's full.

#4Wait for the vacuum cleaner to cool down completely. This usually takes 45 minutes. Then reconnect it to the mains.

#5Turn the power back on and continue vacuuming.

If you've followed these steps and the vac still won't turn on, it's probably something more serious. In such cases, it's best to call Shark Customer Service so they can help you find a good solution.

Why does my Shark Duoclean keep shutting down?

There are two main reasons why your Shark DuoClean keeps shutting down. It could be that your engine is overheating or you have an electrical problem. The first is usually caused by a clog that builds up over time and causes the engine to overheat with the vacuum working.

The best way to tell if this is the problem is if it always happens at the same time.

So if your Shark DuoClean keeps shutting down a minute after you turn it on, you likely have an engine overheating problem caused by a clog. Remove all the hoses, check for clogs, clean the filter and it should run smoothly again.

If the device is electrical and you have already tried changing the sockets, you will need to call an electrician or send the device for repair.

How to Fix a Shark Vacuum That Won't Suck

There are several reasons why your SharkVacuum cleaner may not suck properlythis before. Here is a short list of causes and fixes to help you make your home awesome again.

#1 Dirty/clogged filters.This is actually a very common cause of poor suction and filters should be one of the first things to check. This is because a constipatedFilter restricts airflow through your vacuum🇧🇷 You can see how to clean them earlier in this repair guide.

Troubleshooting Shark Vacuum: How to fix Shark problems (9)

#2 Clogged/dirty hose.Another common cause that is very easy to fix. If you want to know the best way to clean a vacuum hose, see the previous section.

Checking for clogs is pretty simple and usually involves looking down at the hose or gently stretching and shaking it to loosen it and remove debris.

#3 Empty the trash.This is important as a full bin will result in a loss of suction. All you have to do is remove it from the machine, hold it over the bin and press the release button.

If debris gets stuck at the top of the bin, there is a button that opens this section to allow the contents to be emptied. The most important thing here is to keep the mesh cone completely free of dust and dirt, so clean it regularly.

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Troubleshooting Shark Vacuum: How to fix Shark problems (10)
Troubleshooting Shark Vacuum: How to fix Shark problems (11)

#4 Clogged wand.This is unusual, but it happens. Remove the wand and look down to see if you can see the other side. If not, shake it to see if the blockage comes out.

If it is stuck, you can try dropping a larger weight (such as a large battery) to try to free it, or you can use a blunt but flexible probe to push it down and out.

#5 Airway and brush bar blockages.You can remove the suction cup and leave the floor nozzle ready for inspection.

With the dustbin removed, you also have access to the engine area, which can be wiped down with an antibacterial wipe to remove dust and grime. Check the floor nozzle for blockages in the air path by first performing a visual inspection

Troubleshooting Shark Vacuum: How to fix Shark problems (12)
Troubleshooting Shark Vacuum: How to fix Shark problems (13)

Turn the floor nozzle upside down and use a coin to unlock the three connectors on the base plate. Lift the board when this is done and the underside of the flooring tool will be exposed.

This allows you to better check and remove blockages in the airway and gives you the option of removing hair from the brush bar with scissors or a knife. Then reassemble everything.

How to Clean the Shark Rotator Brush Roll

It doesn't get much simpler than that, so prepare to breathe a sigh of relief before cleaning all your hair and organizing your Shark Rotator Brush Roll. Here are the quick and easy steps you need to follow:

Troubleshooting Shark Vacuum: How to fix Shark problems (14)
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#1 Remove the nozzle from the floor of the main body of the machine.Turn the floor tool upside down and use a coin to unlock the floor plate before removing it. This gives you full access to the brush roll.

#2 Take a knife or scissors and cut the hairs off the brush roll.This is the most effective and fastest way to get everything. If the roller looks a little dirty and dusty, you can also run an antibacterial cloth over it to remove all the dirt.

#3Replace the plate, lock it again and place the floor nozzle back on the vacuum cleaner. It should be fine and ready to start collecting fur again.

What should I do if my brush roller stops spinning on my Shark vacuum?

If the brush on your Shark vacuum has stopped working, it's probably due to a clog. All you have to do is remove the base from the floor nozzle base and take a look at the brush.

You can use scissors to remove tangled hair and dirt, just like your hands. It is sometimes possible that you have sucked in a foreign body without realizing it and this has blocked the bar. In fact, we have a great Shark vacuum cleaning and maintenance guide for you to read.

What are the differences between the Shark vacuum model numbers?

Your Shark's model numbers refer to the color and accessories that come with your vacuum. Regardless of the number, the main machines within that specific range remain the same in terms of weight, power and other characteristics.

To give you a better idea, here's a quick rundown of the model numbers you might encounter:

– United Kingdom: the standard model with normal accessories
- UKT: the real pet model that comes with a pet tool
– UKR: A much rarer code, usually related to rotary head tools

Where can I buy extra batteries for my Shark Cordless Vacuum?

If you're looking to purchase additional batteries for your Shark Cordless Vacuum, there are a number of online retailers that will sell them. However, the best and most reliable place to buy one is the official Shark website, where they are on sale for around £70.

It should be noted that there are wireless models that come with a dual battery, so check before you spend your money.

How to Fix an Overheated Shark Vacuum Cleaner?

The first thing to do if your Shark is overheating is to unplug it and let it cool for at least 45 minutes. Typically, this issue is caused by one of the following issues:

  • Filter clogged (see washing instructions above)
  • Clogged hose (see our unclogging and cleaning tips above)
  • Dustbin full, dusty or dirty. Empty, rinse and dry well
  • Hair wrapped around the brush bar (see our notes above)
  • electrical problem. In that case, you usually need to call Shark Customer Service for help and advice. This is because trying them out can be dangerous and also void your warranty if you try to do it yourself.

How to Fix a Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator No Light Is On

This light is on the ground head and if all is well and operational it should be green. If the light is red or not lit, it usually means there is a blockage. You can follow the steps in the previous section on how to clean the brush roller to remove clogged hair from the roller.

It could also be one of the following issues:

  • Vacuum cleaner not connected or properly connected
  • Mouthpiece is loosely attached and needs adjustment
  • The belt broke and needs to be replaced.

Why are my shark lights flashing?

There are several reasons why your Shark's lights might be flickering, so we've put together a quick and helpful list to show you what might be going on:

  • There is a blockage (floor and carpet lights together)
  • Battery is low (battery light)
  • The brush roller is blocked (red light)
  • Vacuum not turned on properly (red light)
  • There is a problem with the belt on the brush roll (red light)
  • Floor nozzle not placed correctly (no light)


I hope this helped you identify what's wrong with your Shark vacuum and how to fix it. While the solutions listed here are relatively simple and can be done at home, it's important to remember that if you're not feeling confident, there's no shame in calling the professionals for help.

Shark customer service might be your best bet if you feel like you can't do repairs and repairs yourself.

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