Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (2023)

Apulia is a beautiful region in southern Italy known for its stunning coastline, quaint towns and delicious cuisine.

In this article, I want to answer somepopular questions asked by people planning a visit to Puglia.

But first let me tell you why Puglia is worth visiting and what are the top things to do here.

Visiting Puglia: top reasons to visit and things to do

1. Explore the cities

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (1)

Puglia is home to many charming towns, each with its own unique character.

Some of the must-see cities include:Alberobello, known for its trulli houses, Ostuni, known as the "White City" for its whitewashed houses, and Lecce, known for its Baroque architecture.

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2. Visit the beaches

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (2)

Apulia insome of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, with crystal clear waters and an impressive landscape.

Some of the best beaches are Torre dell'Orso, Torre Lapillo, Pescoluse (known as "Salento Maldives") and Baia dei Turchi.

But there are many more beaches to discover when visiting Puglia!

3. Try the food

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (3)

Puglia is famous for its delicious cuisine, including fresh seafood, orecchiette pasta and burrata cheese. Be sure to try the local specialties during your visit.

And it's easy to do becauseevery town or city you will visit in PugliaIt has many restaurants that offer regional cuisine.

4. Visit the olive groves

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (4)

Together with Calabria, Puglia is the largest producer of olive oil in Italy.

So visit some olive groves and try the local olive oil.

Depending on where you decide to stay in Puglia, they are differentolive oil tastings and bookable visits.

Oh, and if you prefer wine over olive oil, there are several vineyards in Puglia that you can visit too!

5. Attend a local festival

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (5)

Puglia has many festivals throughout the year celebrating everything from food to music to religious traditions.

Some of the biggest festivals in Puglia includeTaranta night in August, celebrating traditional music and dance,the feast of San Nicola in May(and another celebration in December), in honor of the patron saint of Bari ifeast of Saint John the Baptistin Gallipoli at the end of June.

But all over Puglia, especially in the summer months, there are all sorts of festivals and events.

Socheck what festivals take place during your visit to Puglia.

6. Visit historical places

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (6)

Puglia has such a rich history, with many ancient ruins and historical places to discover.

Some of the must see placesCastel del Monte and the Trulli houses in Alberobello stand outUNESCOWorld Heritage Sites.

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The ancient city of Matera is another historical site worth visiting. While Matera is not technically in Puglia, it is nearby and a very popular place to visit while in Puglia.

Matera is famous for its ancient caves that were inhabited until the 1950s. Today, many of these caves have been restored and turned into hotels, restaurants and shops.

But,every Puglia city you visitit has a rich history and some beautiful historical buildings and museums to visit.

7. Go on a trip

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (7)

Puglia is a great place to explore by bike, with many scenic routes and flat terrain. Consider a bike tour to explore the area and visit some of the smaller towns.

Or, if you don't like cycling, there ismany other tours you can choose to explore Puglia.

From walking tours of historic cities to speedboat trips to see the coastline.

Generally,Puglia is a beautiful region with many attractions.. Take your time to explore and enjoy all that this wonderful region has to offer.

I wrote a separate article aboutwhere to stay in Puglia. It explains which cities make a good base and which areas are best for your type of travel and budget.

Now let's answer some common questions about visiting Puglia.

Frequently asked questions about visiting Puglia

1. When is the best time to visit Puglia?

The best time to visit Puglia is spring (April to early June) or fall (September to November) when the weather is mild and pleasant.

The summer months (July and August) can be hot and crowded, while the winter months (December to March) can be rainy and cold.

2. How to get to Puglia?

You can reach Pugliaby plane, train or coach.

The main airports in the region are Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport and Brindisi Airport, which offer flights to major cities in Italy and Europe.

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Puglia is well connected by rail, with several high-speed trains running daily from Rome, Milan, Naples and other major cities.

The main train stations in Puglia are Bari Centrale, Brindisi and Lecce, but many smaller towns also have train stations.

Finally, Puglia can be reached by car via the A14 and A16 motorways.

3. How to get around Puglia?

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (8)

rent a carit is one of the most popular ways to get around Puglia. This allows you to visit the most remote areas of Puglia and explore the region at your own pace.

But Apulia also has a relatively well-developed rail network, with trains connecting cities and various towns.

trainsThey are fast, quite comfortable and reliable. If you don't want to rent a car, trains are the best way to get around Puglia, perhaps combined with the occasional organized trip to see more distant places.

You can find train routes and book tickets

(Video) You NEED to Visit Puglia Italy 🇮🇹 The Next Amalfi Coast? Monopoli + Polignano a Mare (Travel Guide)

there are buseswhich will take you to various towns and several popular beaches in Puglia. However, the buses are operated by different companies, so it can be a bit of a hassle to work out which bus will take you where.

Rome2Rio.comand Google Maps are useful tools for finding bus schedules and routes, although neither provides perfect information on all bus options. By asking your hotel/guesthouse often you will get the best information.

In addition, there are local taxis and private car services that can be used for shorter trips and commuting.

4. How is the food in Puglia?

Puglia's food is famous for its simplicity, freshness and the use of local ingredients.

The cuisine of the region is based on the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fresh vegetables, seafood and olive oil.

Some of the traditional dishes that can be found in Puglia are:

  • Orecchiette pasta with tomato and ricotta.
  • Bean puree.
  • Octopus on the grill.
  • be stupid
  • Tiella barse, a rice dish with potatoes, mussels and tomatoes.
  • Taralli, a salty biscuit-like snack.
  • Panzerotti, fried dough stuffed with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

Puglia is also famous for its wine., in particular the Primitivo and Negroamaro varieties.

Olive oil is another important ingredient in Apulian cuisine, and the region is one of Italy's largest producers of olive oil.

5. Will I find vegan or vegetarian food in Puglia?

While Puglia's traditional cuisine relies heavily on seafood and meat, there are plenty of vegetarian options and an increasing number of vegan options, especially in the larger cities.

Check the menubefore you decide to sit down in a restaurant. In general, you will find at least a few vegetarian options on the menu.

For vegan options, I've found it betterjust ask the waiter. They are almost always happy to adapt a dish to make it vegan.

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6. What's the weather like in Puglia?

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (9)

Apulia inMediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters.

The region is known for its long, sunny summers, with temperatures ranging from the mid-80s to the mid-90s Fahrenheit (around 30-35ºC) in July and August.

In spring and fall, the months of April, May, September, and October are mild and pleasant, with average temperatures ranging from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (around 18 to 24 °C).

The winter months of December, January, and February are cool and humid, with average temperatures ranging from 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (around 7 to 12 °C).

7. Which beaches are the best in Puglia?

Puglia is famous for its beautiful beaches and coastlines.

No matter which part of Puglia you plan to visit, I highly recommend checking out the nearby beaches.

But some of the beaches in Puglia that are often called the best are:

1. Turkish Gulf: located near Otranto, this beach has crystal clear waters and an impressive natural environment.

2. Plaża Torre dell'Orso: Another beach near Otranto, this crescent-shaped beach is known for its fine sand and turquoise water.

3. Punta Ham:Located in the Salento region, the beach is known for its white sand and crystal clear, shallow waters.

4. Wild Harbor:Located in a nature reserve near Nardò, this beach is characterized by rocky cliffs, turquoise water and a picturesque walking path.

5. Polignano a Mare beach:a small beach located in a historic townPolign to mare, known for its impressive cliff views and crystal clear waters.

6. Fish:Known as the "Maldives of Salento", this long stretch of sandy beach is located in the southern part of Puglia and is characterized by turquoise waters and white sand.

8. What are the best accommodation in Puglia?

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (10)

Puglia offers a wide range of accommodation to suit different preferences and budgets, including hotels, bed and breakfasts,Farm(stays in agritourism farms) and villas for rent.

I wrotearticle about where to stay in Puglia, recommending the best areas and different types of accommodation.

9. Is English spoken in Puglia?

In Puglia, English is not spoken as much as in big Italian citiesRomaoMilan.

But many residents of tourist areas will understand and speak English.

However, I strongly recommend learning a few basic Italian phrases. It will help and is also greatly appreciated.

10. Is visiting Puglia expensive?

Especially Puglia can be a cheap destinationcompared to other popular destinations in ItalyLike Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast.

The cost of accommodation, meals and attractions in Puglia varies depending on the location and season.

In general, the peak of the summer season (July and August) is approxmore expensive, while the seasons of April to June and September to October may offer better value for money.

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A trip to Puglia in winter will give youeven better offers.But in winter, some restaurants and attractions are closed, and many small towns are very quiet.

Using public transport in Puglia is a very cheap way to travel around the area.

As for the accommodation, there is a possibility of customizationa number of budgetsincluding hostels, B&Bs and boutique hotels.

Food and drink in Puglia can be very affordable, with delicious street food, local wines and seafood available at reasonable prices.

However, there are also plenty of high-end restaurants and excellent luxury accommodations that will greatly add to the cost of your trip.

If you take the time to do your research and plan ahead, Puglia can be both a budget destination and a great luxury getaway.

11. Is Puglia safe?

Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (11)

Yes, Puglia is generally a safe place to visit.

region malow crime rateand cases of violent crime are rare.

But of course, as with any destination, basic precautions should always be taken, such as keeping an eye on your belongings and avoiding walking alone in unfamiliar or isolated areas, especially at night.

If you are planning to go in PugliaIt is worth noting that Italian driving habits may differ from what you are used to, and the streets in smaller towns can be very narrow.

I'd recommend renting a small car and taking some time to get used to Italian driving, especially if it's yoursabroad for the first time.

But overall I would say Puglia is a safe and great place to visit. Even traveling alone as a woman, I never felt unsafe in Puglia.

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¡Have fun exploring Puglia!

I hope this article has answered the main questions you may have about exploring this part of Italy.

But if you have other questions, leave a comment below!

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Visiting Puglia in Italy - what is worth knowing and answers to popular questions (12)

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What is Puglia most known for? ›

Puglia is famous for its olive oil production. The region provides around 40% of the country's olive oil, which amounts to around 300,000 tonnes every single year! In the past, Puglia was known as the 'bread basket of Italy'. Puglia has the longest coastline of any Italian mainland region.

Why should you visit Puglia Italy? ›

Puglia has the longest coastline if you compare it to any other region of the mainland Italy. There's the Adriatic sea, the Ionian Sea, gulf of Taranto and the Strait of Otranto on all the sides, so it means plenty of beach time.

How many days is enough for Puglia? ›

You need at least 4 or 5 days to travel around Puglia, since towns and beaches are spread out. Don't even try to see Puglia in 3 days, because you'll be rushed and barely able to see anything. A week is ideal, and more time will allow you time to relax and soak up the sun.

What month is Puglia best in? ›

The best time to visit Puglia is during the spring, early summer and autumn. High summer, July and August, is hot, reaching the mid 30°Cs inland, and it's busy, too, with inflated prices to match demand. May, June and September are lovely, with temperatures in the 20°Cs, and good for walking and cycling.

What month is best to visit Puglia? ›

Puglia has a mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters. If you enjoy hot perfect sunny days the best time to visit Puglia is between July and August.

What is the most famous dish in Puglia? ›

Orecchiette con le cime di rapa – handmade orecchiette pasta with turnip tops – is definitely the most iconic food of Puglia. Orecchiette – literally “small ears” – is a shape of pasta dating to around 1500.

What is a famous dish from Puglia? ›

Frisella: A crunchy, dry bread baked in a stone oven with a drop of olive oil. Friselle are one of Puglia's most famous, and practical, foods: They've been around for centuries, since the fact that they can be stored for many months made them perfect for long journeys.

What is the main food in Puglia? ›

This essentially agricultural nature means that Puglia's cuisine is home-country inspired, predominantly using the abundant local produce such as durum wheat, tomatoes, artichokes, fava beans, rocket, courgettes, beans, fennel, peppers, onions, beef and lamb.

What is the beautiful town in Puglia? ›

But this is one of those places that is worth making the effort to see, regardless of how touristy it is!
  • TRANI. Trani is a stunning seaside town in Puglia that is a must see. ...
  • LECCE. Leece is known as the 'Florence of the South'. ...
  • OSTUNI. ...
  • OTRANTO. ...
  • GALLIPOLI. ...
  • VIESTE. ...
  • TARANTO. ...

Do they speak English in Puglia? ›

English is not that widely spoken

Not a surprise given that it's not an English speaking country, but definitely one to note if you're used to travelling in the north of Italy or other popular tourist destinations in Europe.

What is the nicest part of Puglia? ›

The four main areas of interest to tourists are the Valle d'Itria, the coastline around Bari, the Salento Peninsula in the far south, and the Gargano Peninsula in the north. A good strategy when deciding where to stay in Puglia is to choose a base for each of these areas and visit nearby towns on day trips.

Is Puglia walkable? ›

Puglia Walk

Mostly the path was through ancient vineyards or open country. The occasional walk on the minor roads were acceptable but not as relaxing.

Which is the best town to stay in Puglia? ›

What are the best areas to stay in Puglia? Bari, Polignano, Monopoli, Alberobello, Ostuni, Lecce, and Vieste are the best towns to stay in Puglia for tourists because they are the most popular towns with plenty of things to do and see.

Can you get around Puglia without a car? ›

If you're entering and leaving Puglia from Italy, it's easy to do so via train, as there's a major station in Bari. If you're coming from a different country, you'll likely fly in and out of Bari or Brindisi, which is about a 1.5-hour train from Bari and a half-hour train from Lecce.

What is the hottest month in Puglia? ›

July is the hottest month in Puglia, with temperatures averaging around 30°C.

What time do people eat in Puglia? ›

Many restaurants will continue lunch service until around 2.30pm. But be prompt - try to sit down before 2pm if you want to be sure of eating. Dinner | The only people eating in restaurants at 8pm are British. At 8.30pm the German, Scandinavian and northern Italian visitors join them.

Does it get cold in Puglia Italy? ›

In Puglia, winter is relatively mild. The temperatures of the cities along the coast usually never fall below 0 degrees C (32 ° F) while the highs can even reach 16 degrees (51.8 ° F) in the areas of Salento and the lower Murgia.

How expensive is Puglia? ›

Is Puglia expensive? Puglia isn't anymore expensive than the rest of Italy, but it's definitely not cheap. You can expect to spend at least €100 (and probably more than that) per person, per night for accommodation, transportation, meals and activities while in Puglia.

How to spend 5 days in Puglia? ›

5 Days in Puglia Itinerary Breakdown
  1. Day 1 – Arrive in Bari, drive to Ostuni, overnight in Ostuni.
  2. Day 2 – Visit Ostuni, drive to, visit and overnight in Alberobello.
  3. Day 3 – Drive to Porto Cesareo, visit beaches, overnight in Porto Cesareo.
  4. Day 4 – Visit Maldive di Salento, visit and overnight in Leuca.
Nov 29, 2021

Is Puglia crowded in September? ›

September is by far the best month to explore this region as the crowds clear, but the weather holds on long enough to capture some of the best draws of this idyllic destination. Plus, prices tend to lower throughout the month too.

What do people eat for breakfast in Puglia? ›

Breakfast in Puglia is important. It's always had with coffee, tasty, but most of all always very sweet. Most people enjoy a cornetto vuoto (empty), con cioccolato or con crema with their espresso, but you can also order the highly loved pasticciotto. Pasticciotto is a small cake made of pastry and dates from 1745.

What is the famous bread from Puglia? ›

Altamura bread is one of the most famous gastronomic products in Puglia. Its fame has very ancient origins. It was even famous in roman times and today the city's ovens make bread following the traditional recipe.

What is the traditional dessert in Puglia? ›

Pasticciotto is the pride of Puglia. Try it at these four bakeries. LECCE, Italy — Warm, crumbly and traditionally filled with a silky, lemon-scented custard, pasticciotto is a shortcrust pastry from Puglia, the southern region of Italy that forms the heel of the boot-shaped country.

What is the famous pasta in Puglia? ›

Orecchiette: The Icon Of Puglia Worldwide

The most renowned example of typical traditional handmade pasta of Puglia is certainly orecchiette. The meaning of the Italian word “orecchiette” is small ears, due to the their shape.

What is Puglia pasta called? ›

Orecchiette pasta is the gastronomic symbol of the southern region of Puglia. Strictly made by hand, orecchiette are round and concave, with the center thinner than the edges and a rough surface; they measure about 3/4 of an inch finger.

What pasta brand is from Puglia? ›

Cardone, traditional organic pasta from Puglia.

What is the fruit of Puglia? ›

All of the fruits grown in Puglia are eaten seasonally, ensuring that they are fresh, ripe and delicious. All general fruits are grown in this region, including citrus fruits and recently they have been cultivating more exotic fruits such as avocado, mango, bananas and Goji berries.

What is Puglia cheese? ›

Puglia Mozzarella is a fresh, pear-shaped, stretched curd cheese with a smooth, soft texture and sweet, milky flavour. Excellent melting and stretching properties make it a perfect choice for pizza and pasta dishes.

What area should I stay in Puglia? ›

Ostuni: Best Place to Stay in Puglia Overall

Rising from a sea of ancient olive trees is Ostuni. This stunning white-washed city rests on a hill in the heart of Puglia. There's plenty to do throughout the day and night, from dining at excellent restaurants to relaxing at bars with beautiful views.

Are people in Puglia friendly? ›

Vivacious, outgoing, and laidback, there are endless facets to love about Puglia. The people here know how to live; it must be the sunshine, the food, and the wine that make them so friendly.

Do I need cash in Puglia? ›

The official guidance from the Region of Puglia to business is “Encourage payment by debit cards, prepaid cards and credit cards“. As a matter of practice there is little difference. All bars, restaurants and shops are taking payment as before, whether cash or card.

Is driving in Puglia difficult? ›

Driving in Puglia is probably different from what you're used to at home. But, I can assure you, if you're assertive and do a little prep work (learn the Italian road signs, read about parking, etc), you'll be fine on Puglia's roads. The driving is 'active,' but not difficult.

What are people from Puglia called? ›

The demonym for people or things from Puglia is pugliese (singular) or pugliesi (plural).

Is the food in Puglia good? ›

Puglia Street food is similar to what you might find in the US or New York City — scrumptious and doughy hand-held foods like the famous calzone-like Panzerotto or the typical Focaccia Barese for which Puglia is so well known.

What is the food capital of Puglia? ›

Once just a quiet whitewashed village, today Ceglie Messapica is known as 'The Food Capital of Puglia'. The reason behind the nickname of Ceglie Messapica is the unusually high number of awarded restaurants, delicious local recipes, and cultural centres dedicated to the art of well-eating.

What is the main town in Puglia? ›

Perhaps Puglia's most famous town, Alberobello is a UNESCO world heritage site, boasting 1400 trulli dating back to the 1400s. The town is divided into two main parts – Monti and Aia Piccola. You can spend hours exploring it's narrow, winding streets as you make your way to the Trullo Sovrano.

Is Puglia flat or hilly? ›

Puglia is located in southern Italy, in the heel of the “boot,” just across the sea from Albania and Greece. It is 7,469 square miles, and of all Italian regions, it is the least mountainous, making up just 1.5% of its surface. About 53% is flat and 45% is hilly.

How do I spend my 10 days in Puglia? ›

The Ultimate 7 to 10 Days in Puglia Itinerary
  1. Day 1 – Bari.
  2. Day 2 – Polignano a Mare & Monopoli.
  3. Day 3 – Ostuni.
  4. Day 4 – Alberobello.
  5. Day 5 – Matera.
  6. Day 6 – Matera.
  7. Day 7 – Altamura.
  8. Day 8 – Monte Sant'Angelo & Vieste.
Apr 18, 2023

What town in Puglia has white houses? ›

Trulli of Alberobello, Puglia, Italy

The small little white structures dot the hillside, their conical stone roofs rising up above them. From a distance, looking across to the community of buildings, they seem like a mountain range spotted from the air.

What are the white towns in Puglia? ›

Ostuni is a unique town that resembles a bright cap rising up right from the flat plains near the southern coast of Italy. Its whitewashed defensive walls and houses in the old town with many winding streets, steps and beautifully decorated, colorful window frames can make you think you're somewhere in Greece.

Does Uber work in Puglia? ›

Yes, Italy does have Uber but not in the way that travellers expect; you can't get an Uber everywhere in the country. The lack of Uber drivers in some Italian cities has everything to do with resistance from other taxi drivers.

What airport to go to Puglia? ›

If Puglia is on your bucket list and you are checking out flights to Puglia you can be reassured that it is serviced by two main airports, Bari and Brindisi, which have international flights from most major European cities arriving daily.

How long does it take to drive around Puglia? ›

The area is manageable to navigate over the course of seven or so days - it's not about covering miles and miles and miles and a lot of the places you'll want to visit in an area are actually only a half hour or so drive from each other.

Do you need water shoes in Puglia? ›

Another time you may need water shoes is when you are at a beach or seaside location with a lot of cliffs. This beautiful grotto in Puglia comes to mind. If you're not going to get water shoes but you are going to the beach, do make sure you pack a pair of flip-flops or slides.

Do they wear jeans in Italy? ›

Italians tend to wear basic blue jeans a lot less often than their counterparts elsewhere.

Do I need to bring toilet paper to Italy? ›

You don't really need to bring this from home, of course — Italy does have toilet paper! — but it's a smart thing for ladies, particularly, to throw in their purses before leaving the hotel in the morning.

Are sneakers OK in Italy? ›

The best ones to pack are those that come with a rubber sole and cushioning for walking. If you prefer to keep your feet covered, closed-toe sandals light summer sneakers are also a good choice; however, make sure they are truly breathable as the temperatures in Italy can be scorching!

Is it better to carry cash or card in Italy? ›

In Italy, cash is still preferred in most restaurants, cafes and other establishments, although credit and debit cards are becoming more widely used throughout Italy and are an increasingly convenient way to pay for things. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, although American Express is not.

Is it better to use card or cash in Italy? ›

MasterCard and VISA are the most commonly accepted cards. You will get a better exchange rate by using your credit card, as opposed to exchanging US dollars in Italy. Keep in mind that if you pay cash, you're more likely to get a discount in an independently owned store, if you ask for it.

Should you tip in Puglia? ›

Since we don't have a habit of tipping in Italy, there is no set amount or percentage you are expected to tip in exchange of a service. It really is up to you if you want to leave something, and how much you leave.

What is Puglia most popular food? ›

Orecchiette con le cime di rapa – handmade orecchiette pasta with turnip tops – is definitely the most iconic food of Puglia. Orecchiette – literally “small ears” – is a shape of pasta dating to around 1500.


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