Vizio TV stuck downloading updates (try THIS solution first) (2023)

Vizio TVs are quality items that offer a great viewing experience, but nothing is more annoying than when you doVizio TV stuck downloading updates.

Vizio TVs are ideal for those looking for above-average picture quality at a reasonable price, but the operating system that Vizio TVs use isn't as sophisticated as some of its higher-end competitors.

At the end of the day, when you sit down to watch your favorite show, you don't want to be interrupted by an endless updating screen.


  • 1 Vizio TV stuck downloading updates
  • 2 Why does your Vizio TV get stuck downloading updates?
  • 3 How to fix a Vizio TV stuck downloading updates
    • 3.1 Turn your Vizio TV off and on again
    • 3.2 Relocate your router
    • 3.3 Check your internet connection
    • 3.4 Use a wired connection
    • 3.5 Restart update
    • 3.6 Restart your TV
    • 3.7 Factory reset your Vizio TV
  • 4 Frequently Asked Questions
    • 4.1 Why is my Vizio TV constantly updating firmware?
    • 4.2 Why do I have to restart the download on my Vizio?
    • 4.3 Why is my Vizio TV stuck when turning on and off?
  • 5. Conclusion

Vizio TV stuck downloading updates

If your Vizio TV is stuck on "Downloading updates," the easiest thing to do is to cancel the download, restart your TV, and check your router's WiFi connection. With these alternatives, you can easily proceed with the upgrade and start watching TV again.

Why is your Vizio TV stuck downloading updates?

It can be annoying when your TV time cuts down due to a frozen refresh screen, especially when you're just trying to relax with your favorite show after a long day.

Some workarounds can help solve this problem, but before we jump to a solution, let's take a look at some reasons.Why your Vizio TV gets stuck downloading updates.

  1. Sometimes minor glitches can be the cause of the problem and a quick restart can solve it.
  2. Be sure to give your TV some time if updates have been going on for a while as this may be due to it not being released recently.
  3. Sometimes the internet connection is insufficient and your TV loses WiFi which can interrupt your update. So make sure your internet connection is working properly.
  4. Make sure the data on your Vizio TV is not bad as your Vizio TV will not be able to load this data which will result in the TV rebooting.
  5. Sometimes we don't notice the use of our TV and continue to use it without a break, so that when the TV burns out, all the tasks get stuck on the TV.

So sometimes this can also be the reason why your Vizio TV gets stuck on downloading updates. Make sure you give your TV a break.

How to fix a Vizio TV stuck downloading updates

If your Vizio TV is stuck downloading updates, you have a few options that might fix your problem.

Most of these fixes are simple and can be done in minutes, so rest assured that you can get rid of the endless updating screen and be back watching TV in no time.

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Turn your Vizio TV off and on again

Turning your Vizio TV off and on again is a great way to troubleshoot a random system error. Basically, simply cycling it on and off drains any remaining currents in the device, allowing you to do a cold boot when you restart.

Although it may seem difficult, turning your Vizio TV on and off is quite simple. All you have to do is unplug the TV and turn it off.

Hold down the power buttonfor a few seconds to check if the TV has been fully discharged. When you're done waiting, just plug the TV back in and turn it on.

Vizio TV stuck downloading updates (try THIS solution first) (1)

It is also worth noting that this procedure can be applied to your wireless router. If you're still having connection issues after trying all the options listed above, power cycling is a great way to get your router working properly again.

Relocate your router

Smart TVs generally use Wi-Fi to access the internet as it requires a cable.The problem, however, is that the farther you are from the router, the worse your internet connection gets, especially if you're using 5GHz WiFi, which has a lower range than 2.4GHz.

Vizio TV stuck downloading updates (try THIS solution first) (2)

When you connect the TV to the network you can see the signal strength of your router, so try to adjust it so that the strength is as strong as possible.

If you cannot relocate your router, you can purchase oneRepetidor Wi-Fi TP-LinkIt supports both WiFi bands.

These plug into any outlet and extend the range of your Wi-Fi signal.

Investing in a Wi-Fi mesh system is also a fantastic option as it can help you add Wi-Fi to your entire home.

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Check your internet connection

All smart TVs, including your Vizio, need to connect to the internet to check for and download the software update package.

Your Internet connection must be active when checking for and installing updates. So make sure your network is up and running.

Look for warning lights on the router and try restarting the router if you see any.

If it doesn't work and the router keeps showing a warning light, please contact your ISP for help.

Check if you can access the internet with other devices, because if you can't, the problem is most likely with your internet and not with the TV.

Use a wired connection

Some Vizio TVs allow you to plug an Ethernet cable into the back to use a wired connection.

Wired connections are faster than Wi-Fi, but they're also more reliable and don't disconnect as often as Wi-Fi.

First, look for an Ethernet jack on the back of your TV to see if it supports a wired connection.

If this is the case, get an Ethernet cable long enough to connect the router and TV and plug one end into the TV's Ethernet port.

Vizio TV stuck downloading updates (try THIS solution first) (3)

Plug the other end into your router's LAN port and you're good to go; No further configuration is required.

(Video) How to Update Software on Vizio Smart TV - Fix it Now

Once the TV is connected to the internet, try installing the software update again to see if that fixes the problem.

Restart update

and youVizio TV stuck downloading updatesand install, you can force the install again by restarting the update.

Go back to the home screenafter exiting the update screen and setup menu.

Go back to the Settings appand check for updates again to download and install them.

If it doesn't work the first time,try it againto be more thorough with the correction.

Restart your TV

If the update gets stuck after applying all the techniques listed above, you may need to restart your TV and the update.

To achieve that:

  • Use thePower-Tasteor your remote control to turn off the Vizio TV.
  • Separatethe TV on the wall.
    Vizio TV stuck downloading updates (try THIS solution first) (4)
  • Wait at least 1 minutebefore reconnecting the TV.
  • LichtTV.
  • After the TV restarts, go to the settings and start the update process again.

If the first reboot doesn't resolve the stopped update, you can try rebooting multiple times.

Factory reset your Vizio TV

Factory resetting your TV is a viable option, but remember that this will erase all your data and sign you out of any apps you may have loaded.

It also deletes any apps you loaded yourself after setting up the TV for the first time.

do the same

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  • On the remote control, press theMenuTaste.
  • click aroundSystem > Reset and Management.
  • ChooseFactory reset the TV.
  • Please enter theparent code.If you haven't set a code, it will be0000Originally.
  • ChooseStart anew.

Vizio TV stuck downloading updates (try THIS solution first) (5)

Once the reset is complete, the TV will continue and guide you through the initial setup process.

To identify and install the latest version of your TV software, go through the setup process and check for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Vizio TV constantly updating firmware?

Manufacturers often release firmware updates when new features are implemented or system bugs are discovered and fixed. Vizio automatically sends updates to your TV, just like your smartphone receives updates without your knowledge. Even when your TV is off, it's not actually off.

Why do I have to restart the download on my Vizio?

In most cases you will need to restart the download. Sometimes the download picks up where it left off. In other cases, the download will start from the beginning.

Even when your Vizio TV is turned off, it still uses power to keep certain parts and settings of the TV's memory.

Why is my Vizio TV stuck turning on and off?

If you're having a problem downloading or installing the update, your Vizio TV may be stuck in a power cycle.

This is rare, but it does happen from time to time, mostly due to internet issues.

Unplugging your Vizio TV is a quick and easy fix.


I hope this article has helped you in some way whenever you wantVizio TV stuck downloading updates, make sure you follow the steps above, and since checking for updates in the Settings app only identifies updates for your TV, you may need to update each app manually to keep all software up to date.

Before you troubleshoot a bad internet connection on your Vizio TV, check if your ISP has a network outage in your area.

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