What to use instead of wax [5 alternatives] - Orthodontic appliance care (2023)

Sometimes it is necessary to protect the gums or cheeks from braces. So, you get dental wax. But, when you run out of brake wax or want to skip it for some reason, you wonder: What to use instead of brake wax? What are the alternatives to braces wax?

The best alternative to wax braces is dental silicone wax. You can also apply beeswax or cheese wax that you have available at home. While braces wax is the best option for protecting the soft tissues of your mouth from braces, you may need an alternative when you run out of wax and need to protect your cheeks and gums from braces or rough, broken wires.

However, you must always try to use the best orthodontic wax (2022)), because an alternative may not be as effective as wax.

But still, an alternative can help you in an emergency. So, you must know about it.

Let's take a lookbest product (with price) or DIY materialsthat can be used as an alternative to dental wax for braces with myrecommendation.

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15 best alternatives to bridle wax

1.11. Dental Silicone

1.22. beeswax

1.33. cheese stuff

1.44. Candle wax

1.55. halloween wax fangs

1.6Additional tips: chewing gum

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2Why should I use dental wax alternatives for orthodontics?

3When do you need to use bridle wax alternatives?

4What alternative to bridle wax should I use?

5Can Vaseline be put in the appliance instead of dental wax?

6 final thought

The 5 Best Alternatives to Bridle Wax

What to use instead of wax [5 alternatives] - Orthodontic appliance care (1)

Dental wax works best with braces.and adheres well. Some alternatives can do the same thing, but not as well as orthodontic wax. But, you can definitely try one of the following.

1. Dental Silicone

This is popular and probablythe best alternative to dental wax🇧🇷 Dental silicone is impermeable to fluids. This means that saliva, water or fluids cannot pass through it.

Orthodontic Care - Welcome

Orthodontic Care - Welcome

So you don't need to replace it often. It is available in strip or dot form and can be easily applied to cover bare metal or barbed wire brackets.

Simply put, silicone can help keep your cheeks and gums from getting hurt and reduce pain and discomfort. This product is transparent and gives a nice appearance.

However, dental wax is the best in terms of adhesion. But, if you don't like very sticky wax, it might be a great option for you. Also, you can keep loose clamps or cables in place.

So you can wear it until you visit your orthodontist to get it fixed. Try dental silicone and find out if it works for you.

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Here are the two best dental silicones you can use for braces.

Yo. OrthoDots CLEAR Silicone – The Best Alternative

This dental silicone is the best selling orthodontic dental silicone. The new OrthoDots product has many positive reviews. The specialty of this dental silicone is that you need to dry the brackets before applying them.

They claim you can apply it to a damp surface. However, if it doesn't stick to very wet surfaces, I suggest drying the surface. Using the wax is very easy and comfortable.

Silicon prevents saliva and water from passing through it. As a result, it lasts longer.

If you ask for a wax alternative, many orthodontists recommend this product.

How to use dental silicone

These are the steps to use dental silicone with brackets

  • 1. Wash your hands thoroughly and clean your mouth thoroughly.
  • 2. Make sure your mouth, braces and hands are dry, although you don't need to dry them too much if you use OrthoDot.
  • 3. Take a silicone ball from the package and hold it with two fingers.
  • 4. Touch the affected area of ​​the pads and gently press the silicone dot to completely cover the pad. The dot has two sides. Use the sticky side to attach it to the holder.


  • easy to apply
  • easy to remove
  • comfortable to wear
  • More transparent in appearance than wax.
  • It sticks to wet surfaces better than before.
  • Consists of biomedical grade silicone
  • Contains a moisture-activated adhesive layer.
  • Creates a barrier between the appliance and the soft tissues of the mouth.
  • Helps reduce pain and irritation while protecting gums and cheeks from harsh metal braces.
  • more hygienic
  • Highly flexible and moldable


  • May not adhere well if surface is too wet
  • a bit expensive
What to use instead of wax [5 alternatives] - Orthodontic appliance care (2)

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ii. ORTHOSIL Orthodontic Silicone – Good Choice

This is another dental silicone. But, it is slightly different from the previous product. It comes in sheet or strip form like dental wax. However, it acts in the same way as these points. This product has also received good reviews and is highly recommended by many users.

How to use

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Wash your hands with soap and dry them. Then clean your teeth and mouth well and let them dry too. Take a small piece of dental silicone from the strip.

It should be adequate enough to cover the affected area of ​​the braces. Use your finger to roll it into a small ball likeapplying dental wax🇧🇷 After that, slowly touch that area of ​​the device with the ball and gently push it.


  • Clear in appearance and waterproof.
  • It adheres very well if you can apply it on a completely dry surface.
  • Made from medical grade silicone
  • Provides colorful carrying cases.
  • comfortable to wear
  • Provide a cushion between braces and soft tissue and relieve pain and irritation.


  • You need to dry the surface well before applying.
  • Requires more effort to remove due to stickiness
  • relatively smoother
What to use instead of wax [5 alternatives] - Orthodontic appliance care (3)

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2. Beeswax

If you are looking for a natural alternative to dental wax for braces or sometimes at home, beeswax is the right choice. In fact, beeswax is one of the best bridle wax alternatives, if not the best. This wax can be used if you are in an emergency or if you run out of dental wax and cannot get it right away.

You might be surprised to learn that beeswax is one of the ingredients in orthodontic wax. It is soft and easy to style. So you can apply it easily. Also, you can easily remove it from the brackets. Beeswax is safe to use and harmless. This wax can last longer than other alternatives.

How to apply
Just take a pinch of beeswax and roll it with your finger. It will absorb the heat from your finger and change its shape quite easily. Then make a ball and stick it on the affected brackets and wires.


  • Made from natural wax
  • Works more effectively than other alternatives to bridle wax.
  • lasts a long time
  • Smooth and easy to apply.
  • easy to clean
  • safe to use
  • Easy to get


  • It is not as effective as dental wax for braces.

You can store beeswax at home during orthodontic treatment. It can help you for several purposes, as well as an alternative to dental wax during an emergency. But remember that it is not the alternative to orthodontic wax.

What to use instead of wax [5 alternatives] - Orthodontic appliance care (4)

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3. Cheese wax

Cheese coating wax can be a great alternative to dental wax for orthodontics. Orthodontists also suggest this technique when you run out of orthodontic wax. Use the same technique to apply the wax.

Take a small piece of cheese wax and heat it for a few seconds. Then roll up and make a little ball to apply. This adheres very well to the appliance and creates a barrier between the appliance and the soft tissues of the mouth. Cheese wax is safe to use and harmless.

4. Wax candle

You can use candle wax in an emergency. Break off a piece of wax and warm it up with your fingers. Mold and make a ball before applying. Candle wax adheres very well to the braces and protects the cheeks and gums from the braces.

Although it is not toxic, you should avoid swallowing it. Candle wax ingredients may not be healthy for you. So be careful.

Also, this wax can break easily and expose the braces because it is naturally hard.

5. Halloween Wax Fangs

Another interesting but very effective alternative is Halloween Wax Fangs or Big Red Lips. These waxes are flexible, non-toxic and safe to use.

You can break off a small piece and apply it using the same method you use to apply dental wax. You may also like this substitute as it has the same taste as orthodontic wax. Also, you can buy it at your local candy store anytime.

Additional Tips: Gum

Gumping broken brackets or perforated wires can be an alternative idea. You may not be allowed to chew gum with braces on your teeth, but you can get help from gum if it's an emergency, like getting seriously injured by a loose wire and there's no other material in your house.

It can relieve pain and irritation, temporarily protecting the cheeks and gums. Of course, you should use sugarless gum. Take a small piece of wax, like dental wax, roll it into a small ball and place it on thesuspenders.

However, you should try to avoid using gum on your brakes because it is very sticky and cannot be removed as easily. This can permanently damage the brakes and make the situation worse.

So make sure you don't chew gum before or after application. Use your finger to shape the gums while applying like wax.

Why should you use dental wax alternatives for orthodontics?

Dental wax must not be replaced by another material. However, when you run out of dental wax and a wire from your braces breaks or punctures your cheek, gums, or back of your mouth, you should use the alternatives.

In these situations, you should not allow braces or wires to continually hurt your cheek and gums. It can cut soft tissue and cause bleeding and other complications.

Also, you might have to face any kind of problem while using braces. So if you don't have dental wax, make sure you have one of these alternatives in your home or get one.

When do you need to use bridle wax alternatives?

You may need one of these orthodontic wax alternatives when you are out of dental wax or have a product supply backlog. Sometimes people also look for an alternative when they want to stay away from waxing for some reason. In the following situations, it may be necessary to apply the alternative to orthodontic wax.

  • broken key ring
  • to switch off
  • Wire that goes to the back of the mouth.
  • Cheek or gum cut with sharp wire
  • The metal surface of the apparatus rubbing the cheek and gums.

Which Bridle Wax Alternative Should You Use?

If you can't buy dental wax now for some reason or you don't like orthodontic wax for some reason, you can opt for dental silicone asortopuntooortosilthat we listed above, although we likeortopunto.

However, be sure to keep cheese wax or beeswax on hand if you need a substitute to help you out in an emergency. But, always remember that orthodontic wax is the best solution to protect your cheeks and gums from rough or broken appliances.

You can also check out ourrecommended dental waxMentioned below. If you can prove it, one of you is worried about something better.adhesion and effectivenesswax with brackets. It is also very affordable and one of the best products around today.

What to use instead of wax [5 alternatives] - Orthodontic appliance care (5)

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Can Vaseline be put in the braces instead of dental wax?

A lip balm or Vaseline (eg Vaseline) is not a good alternative to dental wax because it will melt and disintegrate quickly and therefore not be very effective. However, if you have dry, chapped lips from braces, petroleum jelly or lip balm may help.

final thought

You can try several wax alternatives to protect your cheeks and gums from braces and reduce pain and irritation. Dental silicone, beeswax, and cheese wax are the best alternatives to backing wax. But dental wax works much better than any other substitute.


What can I use instead of orthodontic wax? ›

Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

Most of the time, with braces, you'll be advised not to chew gum. But it can be a helpful alternative for wax. If you roll a small bit of sugar-free chewing gum into a little ball and apply it in the same way as you would your normal wax, this can be a short-term resolution.

How do I make my own dental wax? ›

Below, we describe the proper steps to use wax to maximize its ability to provide you relief.
  1. Step 1: Wash your hands and brush your teeth. ...
  2. Step 2: Shape a small ball of wax. ...
  3. Step 3: Locate the painful areas. ...
  4. Step 4: Dry off your braces. ...
  5. Step 5: Press the wax over the painful area and rub it in place.

How do you stop braces from poking without wax? ›

Sometimes you will have a thinner wire in your mouth that is poking out and causing discomfort. If this is the case, and wax does not seem to do the trick, you may use the eraser end of a pencil to gently bend the wire back into a more comfortable shape for your mouth. Make sure to use a pencil with a clean eraser.

Can you use chewing gum as wax for braces? ›

If you're experiencing discomfort but have found that you're out of wax for braces, there are some temporary solutions you can try. A small amount of sugar-free chewing gum rolled into a small ball and applied in the same way as your regular wax can be a helpful solution, but this should only be temporary.

How do I stop my braces rubbing on my cheeks without waxing? ›

Rinse Your Mouth With Salted Water

This concoction is made by stirring 1/2 a teaspoon of salt into one cup of warm water until it has fully dissolved. Once that has finished swish the water in your mouth for roughly 30 seconds, spitting it out into the sink once the time is up.

What happens if I stop paying for my braces? ›

If you cannot proceed forward with treatment due to the cost, I would recommend you get the braces removed ASAP. The original orthodontist who placed your braces cannot refuse to remove them due to a lack of payment of fees. They can however, refuse to make you retainers if your account is not paid in full.

Can you eat chips with braces? ›

Can I eat chips with braces? Yes, you just need to select the right ones. Pringles, “baked” chips and Cheeto Puffs/Fries are great braces options for chips. Just try to remember to eat ONE CHIP AT A TIME, so that you don't accidentally break a bracket.

Can you leave wax on braces while eating? ›

The wax can get stuck in whatever food you're eating and will make it taste bad. Food can also get stuck to the wax which will result in bacteria buildup. Additionally, drinking water may dislodge the wax. It's best to remove the wax before you eat or drink anything and then re-apply it after you're done.

Why does my braces wax keep falling off? ›

Why won't the wax stay on my braces? Make sure both your tooth and bracket are dry before applying wax. A good way to do this is to use your finger to pull your cheek out, suck in air and then place the wax on desired location. You can also use a cotton ball or paper towel to dry off the area.

What is the best wax to use on braces? ›

Orthowax is suitable for patients wearing braces, aligners, retainers, dental appliances and partial dentures where wire clasps may be causing sore spot or abrasion. These Clear waxes blends in with teeth so it is not visible.

Can you drink water with braces wax? ›

Can You Eat and Drink with Dental Wax on Your Braces? You can, but it's preferable not to. Food and beverages can loosen or dislodge the wax. Again, it's perfectly fine if you swallow it, but you might as well peel it off, eat and drink, then brush your teeth and stick on a fresh piece of tooth wax.

Can I eat bubble gum with braces? ›

It's really best to avoid chewing gum while you're wearing braces. Any sticky substances, gum included, put them at risk. Gum may not pull your brackets off, but if it gets stuck, you could bend the wires that connect your brackets in the process of trying to untangle the mess.

Do braces ever stop cutting your mouth? ›

The brackets may initially cut into the cheeks and be uncomfortable on rare occasions. After a while, the tissues will adapt (similar to a callous), and cutting will become uncommon. Braces have become stronger and more compact, lowering the chances of causing irritation.

How do you get rid of swollen gums with braces overnight? ›

Quick Fixes to Relieve Gum Swelling Overnight

Avoid spicy foods that can irritate your gums. Rinse with warm Epsom salt water. Use a waterpik and fill the reservoir with ice water. Use a floss threader to floss around your gums and keep them clean.

What helps swollen lips from braces? ›

Ice packs can be the simplest and most effective way to decrease swelling and ease pain. If you sustain any force to the face, cheeks or lips can get stuck in the braces, causing painful bruising or cuts. Soft tissue damage typically heals in a timely manner on its own.

Which mouthwash is best for braces? ›

Ortho Defense Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

Ortho Defense mouthwash is approved by the American Dental Association, helps to remove white spots from the teeth, and strengthens enamel to help prevent cavities. It's easily one of the best braces mouthwashes available!

What toothpaste should you not use with braces? ›

Braces Toothpaste

You do not need to use a specific brand or type of toothpaste for braces. As long as the toothpaste is CDA approved and contains fluoride you're good to go! You will, however, want to avoid any whitening toothpastes while in braces and save your whitening plans for when the braces are off!

What mouthwash helps with braces? ›

What is the best mouthwash for braces?
  • Ortho Defense Anticavity Fluoride Rinse. First up is Colgate Ortho Defense Anticavity Fluoride Rinse. ...
  • ACT Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash. ...
  • Crest Pro-Health Advanced Mouthwash, Multi-Protection.

At what age are braces not free? ›

Are braces available on the NHS? Orthodontic treatment is available on the NHS for young people under the age of 18 at no cost, if a dentist feels they need it. NHS orthodontic treatment isn't usually available for adults, but may be approved on a case-by-case basis if needed for health reasons.

Can I take my braces off for a day? ›

Well, the answer is no, as one needs to complete the tenure for treatment.

What not to do after getting braces off? ›

Steer clear of hard bread, popcorn, hard candies, and raw vegetables until your teeth feel normal again. If you have puffy gums, the puffiness should resolve within about 2 months of having braces removed. If your orthodontist has fitted you for a retainer, be sure to wear it as directed.

Can you buy orthodontic wax at a drugstore? ›

Orthodontic wax is safe and non-toxic. It can often be provided directly from your orthodontist or dentist. It is relatively inexpensive and can also be purchased online or at local drugstores.

Is braces wax the same as candle wax? ›

Thankfully, candle wax and wax for braces are very different! Dental or orthodontic wax is made from natural materials like carnuba, paraffin wax and beeswax. While it's not advised to eat or swallow any of these substances intentionally, they're biocompatible and safe to be in your mouth.

How do you make wax stick to braces? ›

–Place the wax: Locate the sore areas of your mouth. Then, use your thumb and forefinger to press the ball of wax over the bracket or wire. Rub it back and forth a couple times to make it stick into place. The wax should stick out of your braces a little bit, forming a small lump.

Can you leave orthodontic wax on overnight? ›

The answer is yes, you can leave the wax on overnight. In fact, it's a good idea to leave wax on while you sleep. This is because abrasion injuries often happen while you're asleep. And don't worry about accidentally swallowing wax during your sleep, since swallowed wax won't cause you any harm.

How often should you replace orthodontic wax? ›

Ideally, replace the wax every two days or when it falls off. This way, there won't be bacteria buildup in your teeth. You should leave the wax on your teeth overnight, as it gives your mouth more time to heal.

Why does orthodontic wax not stick? ›

Why won't the wax stay on my braces? Make sure both your tooth and bracket are dry before applying wax. A good way to do this is to use your finger to pull your cheek out, suck in air and then place the wax on desired location. You can also use a cotton ball or paper towel to dry off the area.

What happens if you accidentally swallow wax for braces? ›

Don't worry! The wax is non-toxic and edible so it won't hurt you if you accidentally swallow some of it.

How long can you keep braces wax on? ›

You need to replace the dental wax whenever it starts to come off or twice a day. Never leave the wax on for more than two days in a row as food particles get stuck on the wax which may lead to bacterial buildup. It is advisable to avoid eating or drinking with the wax in your mouth as it may cause the wax to fall off.

How many times can you reuse wax for braces? ›

Don't reuse the same piece of wax. Once you remove it, throw it away. Don't use the same wax for more than two days. It can trap plaque against your teeth and bacteria within the wax.

Is it okay to swallow Ortho wax? ›

Orthodontic dental wax is a natural, non-toxic product and is safe to have in your mouth. It is entirely normal if you end up accidentally swallowing a little bit of wax if it falls off while speaking, chewing, or sleeping. Doing so will not cause you any harm or sickness.


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