Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (2023)

Yu-Gi-Oh!it has a lot of cards and mechanics going on. One of the most powerful variations of Trap Cards are counter traps. A Counter Trap is a Trap Card that can only be responded to with other Counter Trap Cards. This is known as "Magic Speed ​​3".

As powerful as Spell Speed ​​3 is, there are plenty of incredibly powerful Counter Trap Cards up for grabs. They've been around since the early days, and being a fan-favorite mechanic, many have made their way into the game. Most of the counter-cheats are generic, but some archetypes have their own counter-cheats that can even be searched.

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Updated March 1, 2022 by Johnny Garcia: There are so many ways that the Yu-Gi-Oh! In modern times. After months of waiting, Master Duel is here, bringing players the first official Yu-Gi-Oh! It's also completely free to play, making it easy to create meta decks without spending a dime. Speed ​​Duels fans have a ton of new cards to play, with the GX Speed ​​Duel Box set launching soon. This gives Speed ​​Duel players new abilities and new cards. Even Rush Duel is having some time in the sun, as its Switch game gets more attention from Konami. With so many formats and possibilities, Yu-Gi-Oh! to play, fans of any type of format have the opportunity to enjoy it with many other Duelists. These counter cheat cards will help you with that.


15/15Golden land forever!

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (1)

Golden land forever! it is the counter-trap within the archetype for the Eldlich archetype. It is an omni negator that can prevent the activation of Spell or Trap Cards or monster effects. The only activation requirement is that you have an Eldlich monster on the field.

In Eldlich decks, this is incredibly easy to do. Not only that, but Golden Land Forever! it is easily searchable in the archetype and offers essentially free access to a powerful Negat. Since Eldlich The Golden Lord isn't necessary, you can even meet your activation requirement with any of the archetype's numerous Trap Monsters.

14/15Grand Horn des Himmels

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (2)

Grand Horn Of Heaven, a new version of an older Counter Trap card (Horn Of Heaven), is one of the best. While it is your opponent's Main Phase, you can activate it to negate the Special Summon(s) of a monster(s), then end the Main Phase immediately after it resolves. The opponent can draw a card, but it doesn't matter if he can't play a card.

Almost all decks are special summon monsters, so Grand Horn Of Heaven rarely dies on the field. If the timing is right, you can end the game when the opponent loses a major monster and the main phase of it on top of that.

13/15supreme providence

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (3)

Ultimate Providence is a versatile counter-trap card, as long as you have the right cards in your hand. You can negate the activation of a Spell, Trap, or Monster if you can discard a card of the same type.

Decks that play Ultimate Providence are generally easy to draw a lot of cards to ensure they always have the ability to deny. In some cases, this can even help set up your graveyard and turn its cost into a card advantage. It's a generic card that can be played in any deck, so it's worth considering playing it in decks that want to play it first.


Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (4)

Chaos Trap Hole is the only Trap Hole card in the game that is a Counter Trap card. It's a solid option for the side deck in metas, where decks with powerful light or dark monsters are common. For the cost of 2000 Life Points, Chaos Trap Hole negates the Summon of any Light or Dark Monsters.

This banishes the monster, which makes it much harder to get it back, since few cards can interact with the banished monsters. Chaos Trap Hole, as the name suggests, kills Chaos strategies (decks that want to banish light and dark monsters).

15.11solemn strike

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (5)

Solemn Strike is a member of the fan-given name "Solemn Brigade" made up of Counter Trap cards with Solemn in the title. For the low cost of 1500 Life Points, Solemn Strike can negate a monster's Special Summon or a monster's effect activation and destroy it. Solemn Strike has activation conditions, so he is almost always alive as long as you have Life Points.

The cost is minimal and the effect is fantastic. When timed correctly, Solemn Strike can completely end an opponent's turn when used on a key element of an opponent's combo.

15.10close blackbird

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (6)

Blackbird Close is apowerfulCounter Trap Card that can negate a monster's effect and destroy it at the cost of sending a face-up Blackwing monster from the field to the Graveyard. It then allows the player to Special Summon a Blackwing Dragon from the Extra Deck to replace it.

What makes Blackbird Close so great is that it can be activated from hand. All that is required is a Blackwing Synchro Monster (or Blackwing Dragon) on the field. This means that it can be used as a quick effect spell that can be used from hand on either player's turn.

15.9Tachyon Walk

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (7)

Tachyon Transmigration has one of the most powerful effects in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! To activate it, the player simply has to control a Galaxy Eyes monster. Negates the activation of the opponent's Monster, Spell, and Trap Card effects along the chain. Most cards only respond to one card. Not only that, instead of destroying them, they are shuffled back into the deck, the best form of elimination in the game.

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It can even be used in-hand if the player controls a Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon. The only reason Tachyon Transmigration isn't at the top of the list is that the Galaxy Eyes archetype isn't very good, which is why theMapit was never a problem for the metagame.


Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (8)

Debunk is a general purpose counterCaptureCard that can be used when the effect of a monster in the hand or Graveyard is activated. He will then banish the monster denied.

The way it deals with negated monsters makes Debunk a great card. Banning is incredibly powerful and debunking is one of the few forms of denial that ends with ban letters. Debunk is a bit situational, which keeps it from being the best of the best, but overall it's still a very solid card for what it can hit.

15.7Dark bribery

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (9)

Dark Bribe can negate any Spell or Trap Card the opponent activates, at the cost of drawing a card instead. DuringMapAdvantage is incredibly important in Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Bribe's ability to deny a key card is more than enough to make the trade off worth it.

Unlike other Counter Trap cards, Dark Bribe does not have a high cost, as it does not require life points or the use of the player's own monsters. While Dark Bribe isn't used very often in as many decks, the heavy control decks that use it show just how good it is.


Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (10)

Wiretap is one of the most basic counter trap cards out there. When the opponent activates a Trap Card, Wiretap negates it and shuffles it back into the Deck. While its activation is strictly limited to other Trap Cards, Wiretap's ability to negate Trap Cards without penalties should not be underestimated.

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Eavesdropping also shuffles the Trap back into the Deck, which is useful since many powerful Trap Cards have effects that can be used in the Graveyard. Trap Cards have some of the best effects out there, so negating their activation makes Intercept a good counter-trap.

5/15The suffering of world heritage

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (11)

World Legacy's Sorrow is a powerful omninegative counter trap that can negate the effects of monsters, spells, and trap cards. All you need to activate is aMonsterin the field that is co-linked. He denies and destroys the letter to which he is chained.

The activation requirement is really easy to obtain, and the card itself is very easy to obtain. World Legacy's Sorrow has many in-game maps that can be searched. Easy access to an Omni-Negator is incredibly powerful, making getting there really easy thanks to the World Legacy cards that can be splashed around.

15.4growing orcus

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (12)

Orcust Crescendo is another omninegative counter-denial Trap Card whose activation requirement simply requires the player to control an Orcust Link Monster. The negated card is also banished after Orcust Crescendo resolves. not only theMapit is searchable, but also contains a graveyard effect that can be used after negating it on the field.

When banished from the Graveyard, Orcust Crescendo can add a Dark Machine Monster from your Deck or your hand. Because Orcust has so many powerful effects that love to be recycled, Orcust Crescendo is useful for charging resources at the opponent.

3/15salamangrear roar

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (13)

Salamangreat Roar is the best archetypal trap in the game. To activate, the player only needs to control a Salamangreat Link Monster. Salamangreat Roar can negate and destroy a spell, trap, or monster effect.

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What makes Salamangreat Roar so great is how easy it is to recycle. When the player Summons a Salamangreat monster from the Graveyard with a card of the same name, the Salamangreat Roar can be reset on the field. It will be banned on its second use, but it's incredibly easy for Salamangreat decks to gain access to multiple copies of it.

2/15red reset

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (14)

Red Reboot is currently the only Counter TrapMapon this list that has restrictions as it is currently limited. If the opponent activates a Trap Card, Red Reboot negates the activation and allows the opponent to Set a Trap Card from their Deck. After that, Red Reboot prevents other Trap Cards from activating for the rest of the round.

The reason for this is that this can completely eliminate control decks that rely on their trap cards for easy OTK (one turn kills). It can even be used out of hand at the cost of half the player's Life Points. This is a small price to pay for a potential easy win.

1/15festive verdict

Yu-Gi-Oh! The best counter-traps, ranking (15)

One of the first Counter Trap cards ever printed, Solemn Judgment came into play in the second set. Despite its age, Solemn Judgment is still the best Counter Trap after all this time.

At the cost of half the player's Life Points, Solemn Judgment can negate the activation or Summon of a Spell or Trap Card.Monster. Since Summons are negated, hover effects will not be triggered by the destruction that Solemn Judgment inflicts after the negation. It's always live because, unlike other Solemn cards, the player can always pay half of their Life Points, making it the best.

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Can counter traps be responded to? ›

As Spell Speed 3 cards, Counter Trap Cards can be activated in response to all other cards/effects, and only other Counter Trap Cards can be activated in response to them.

What is the best counter trap in duel links? ›

Good Counter Traps in Duel Links are very far and in-between. One of the best ones in the game also happens to be one of the best Trap cards in general, that being Ultimate Providence. Whenever a Spell, Trap, or Monster effect is activated, you can discard a card of the same type and negate that activation.

Can Herald negate counter traps? ›

Counter Traps are faster – they're Spell Speed 3 – so Herald's effect can't negate them.

What is the most powerful Yu-Gi-Oh? ›

1. Apoqliphort Towers. This card is so powerful that it was actually banned from Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments.

What is the strongest thing in Yu-Gi-Oh? ›

franchise has likely heard of the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon. It is the strongest regular Normal Monster in the game and an icon known as a bringer of destruction. It is the favorite card of Seto Kaiba, who uses his 3 Blue-Eyes to reign devastation upon his foes as often as he can.

Can a counter trap negate super polymerization? ›

Counter Trap Cards are Spell Speed 3. Normally, they're the final word on Chaining, but not even a Counter Trap can be Chained to Super Polymerization!

Can a counter trap negate a counter trap? ›

Nothing can counter a counter-trap except for another counter trap or a card thats already face up on the field that has an effect like Magician's Left Hand and does not need to activate.

Can I chain a counter trap? ›

Only Counter Traps may be chained to Counter Traps. Furthermore, there can only be one chain in response to the attack, although your opponent is allowed to activate a card or effect in a different chain during the same Battle Step (but not a card or effect that must be activated in response to an attack).

Who is the most used character in Duel Links? ›

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links's post

The most used character of Duel King is "Rex Raptor"! 21, don't missed!

What is the best box to open in Yugioh Duel Links? ›

1 Dark Dimension

With the introduction of the Dark Side of Dimensions world, Duel Links would receive one of the most meta-defining boxes in the game's history. This main box contained multiple powerful archetypes, including Gravekeepers, Magician Girls, Thunder Dragons, and most importantly; Invoked.

What speed is counter trap? ›

Counter Trap Cards are a Spell Speed 3. Only other Counter Trap Cards can be chained to a Counter Trap Card.

Can Dragite negate counter traps? ›

Dragite should've negated Monster effects and Resonance should've negated spells/traps. That way you could negate counter traps. And dragite would negate handtraps.

Does jinzo negate hand traps? ›

“Jinzo”, for all of you who do not know this card, negates the effects of all Trap cards on the field and prohibits their activation on the field, which was quite powerful back in the day.

Can you negate jinzo summon with trap? ›

The effects of Normal Trap Cards that have already been activated and had their effects applied before "Jinzo" was Summoned are not negated.

Who is god in Yu-Gi-Oh? ›

G.O.D. ( G・O・D ゴッド Goddo), also known as simply the God cards, is a series of Level 10 Pendulum Monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga. They are cards created from the power of Genesis Omega Dragon, also known as "G.O.D.", including "Genesis Omega Dragon" itself, who is held by Eve. The other two G.O.D.

What is Yugi's best monster? ›

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yugi's 10 Most Iconic Monsters, Ranked
  • 8 Gaia The Fierce Knight.
  • 7 The Royal Knights.
  • 6 The Magnet Warriors.
  • 5 Gandora the Dragon of Destruction.
  • 4 Slifer The Sky Dragon.
  • 3 Kuriboh.
  • 2 Dark Magician Girl.
  • 1 Dark Magician.
Sep 8, 2019

Did Yugi ever lose? ›

As many know, Yugi has only one legitimate loss on his record which was to Raphael in season 4. However, there was several times throughout the series where he logically should have lost the duel but because of the vagueness of the rules and sometimes just outright cheating, our protagonist won the match.

What is the max hand in Yu-Gi-Oh? ›

The limit is Six, but this is only enforced at the end of your turn; during any period after or before, you are allowed any number of cards in your hand. At the end of your turn, you are required to discard cards from your hand until you have six cards in your hand.

Can Super Poly be used on Unaffected monsters? ›

Monsters that are unaffected by other card effects can not be used as fusion material for Super Polymerization.

What cards stop Super Polymerization? ›

You can't negate it, even with [Solemn Warning]/[Solemn Judgment]. The only way to stop [Super Polymerization] is to take pre-emptive measures to stop it from being used (e.g. [Prohibition], [Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell], [Imperial Order] that has been already activated, etc.).

Is Mirror force a counter trap? ›

Despite also being a member of the series (the presence of フォース on its Japanese name), it is a Counter Trap Card, that must be activated in a very specific situation, that destroys all face-up Spell/Trap Cards the opponent controls.

Can you quick effect a counter trap? ›

Quick Effects are Spell Speed 2. So a Quick Effect can't be chained to a Counter Trap.

Can Cerulean skyfire negate counter traps? ›

Because this card doesn't activate to negate effects you can use it negate cards that prevent responding to its activation like "Super Polymerization" or any Counter Trap Card.

Can you destroy trap cards in Yu-Gi-Oh? ›

So long as you control no Monsters in your Main Monster Zones, you can target and destroy a Set Spell or Trap card on the field.

How do you counter hand traps in Yu-Gi-Oh? ›

Countering hand traps
  1. "Debunk" can be used to stop and banish hand traps.
  2. "Divine Wrath" can stop any monster effect including those that are activated from the hand.
  3. "Macro Cosmos" neutralizes hand traps that specifically state they need to be sent to the graveyard to activate.

Can you counter trap Super Poly? ›

The only way to stop [Super Polymerization] is to take pre-emptive measures to stop it from being used (e.g. [Prohibition], [Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell], [Imperial Order] that has been already activated, etc.).

Can a monster negate a counter trap? ›

You could negate counter traps with the continuous effect of a monster though. What do you think?


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